What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner – Article

This is a good article about a Christian view of transgenderism –  What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner.

It is well-balanced and thoughtful.  While critiquing transgender thought, it also is quick to point out that people are actually suffering, we need to listen to them and have compassion.  It’s a good general article about the issues.  It’s a helpful corrective to so much of what is going on in our culture right now about transgenderism.  Transgender people and the arguments about the issues are all filling the media right now, but most people do not think about it in a careful, nuanced, critical way.   Most people arguing for transgenderism aren’t giving nuanced arguments, but simple memes, platitudes, or clichés.  (Of course, some Christians against transgenderism fall into simple platitudes too, and I try to gently correct them also).

The article presents a simple but good explanation of the dualistic components in transgender thought.  And I liked the connection to Earth Day.  On Earth day we remember to respect the earth and change the way that we live so that we stop damaging the earth.  For Christians, we should celebrate Earth day because the earth is part of God’s creation that we are called to be good stewards of.  Our bodies are also a part of God’s creation.  We have to respect our bodies as God’s gifts to us.  We have to have self-control, and not use our bodies however we want.



3 comments on “What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner – Article

  1. I have personally been delivered from the pain, isolation, and willfull enslavement to transgender thought, feelings and behavior. I know the journey to freedom as a reality now, not an illusive validation that God must have wanted me to struggle that way! I was in bondage to the powerful effects of that lifestyle, that was essentially idolatry worked out in my own body. Through life’s experiences I was convinced that manliness was just not what I was intended to have. Femininity, so much more desirable.
    Hidden, crushed, confused, conflicted; keeping secrets that isolated me and separated me from others and God. Led specifically to an alcohol addiction to suppress my conscience and the Holy Spirit’s voice within. A professing Christian condemned and hopeless, even as I cried out to God! The discovery of perceived truth(lies), and revelation of Biblical Truth has begun and is working out in me…transformation and renewing of my mind! I now experience such freedom as I am honest and “right” with God. Peace and purpose now prevail in my renewed daily journey. Relationships restored with others and most importantly, God!
    Bruce… May you come to a realization of Gods love and created intent for you. May your conflict be resolved as He puts a “way out” in front of you. See His Mercy and His Grace. True joy inside, not just a pretty face.
    Gods Love transcends our weaknesses.


  2. thorin25 says:

    Scott, I always appreciate your comments. Thank you for that wonderful testimony and your prayer for Bruce. May God work out that prayer. Amen


  3. Andrew says:

    Hi guys, in one of the groups I belong to on Thursday mornings, we were discussing “What would Jesus do?” with regard to Bruce / Caitlin. We came away believing that Jesus would LOVE him / her even though He would hate what satan and this fallen world had done to Bruce. He has expressed that he is finely able to experience freedom! Really?
    My journey brought me from cd once in a while, to once or twice a month, to obsessing about when the next time I could do it, to finally everyday at work! Sin is progressive and we give a foothold to satan to blind us then he is more than willing to bring us farther and farther down the “rabbit hole” of sin. How is Bruce any different? He was born in sin like all of us and he was hurt early in life like many of us. I totally get it because I have been there and had I continued in that sinful lifestyle, I have no doubt that I also may have transitioned to a quasi woman. I would have also lost my wife, my son, countless friends and relatives. Did I mention that I was also a Christian saved by the blood of Christ?

    I was and have been a believer since 8 years old, rededicated my life at 14 and truly began my “walk” in my early 30’s. All the time I was “out there” I was sealed and at the same time I was in turmoil and had to try every day to block out the fact that I was no longer connected to Christ. Prayers said at any time fell flat like the words would come out and fall to the ground and dead.

    I am praying that somehow, God would provide a person like me or scooter or Thorin to speak the truth in love to bruce and to somehow show bruce how very real God is and can be. That He can truly be closer than a brother, comforting, loving and forgiving even the worst of sinners like me.

    Before we can be that man though we have to also earn that right to speak into someone elses life the truth that we have been blessed to know. We have to be a friend, a true 2am friend, someone that loves someone enough to tell them the real truth. The truth that God loves him or her and wants a relationship with them no matter what they have done even to their own body or what lies they have believed. He really only wants the “best” for all of us and unfortunately, Bruces decision to become Caitlin is not what is best.

    So the real question is will the Church provide the real truth to the Bruces and Caitlins of this world in a way that also loves them as Jesus does?

    I thank God that He provided for me a life though as screwed up as I tried to make it has allowed me to share that pain, questions, and comments on this site and our prayer chain. Let us all pray that Bruce will hear God’s call through God’s man.

    Love you guys



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