Many good articles on transgenderism and Jenner

As we all know, the Jenner controversy has been all over the news, and people are discussing anything and everything to do with transgenderism.  Much of what is being discussed I have already discussed on my blog, and so I’m not going to spend a long time repeating myself.  Instead, I thought I would link to some of the more interesting and thought provoking articles that I’ve read lately.  I’ll give just a couple comments about each one.

Before I link the articles, I just wanted to make a comment about the whole Olympic medal controversy.  Jenner has said he always knew he was really a woman.  So some say he should have his medal taken away because he was not supposed to be competing with the men if he really is a woman.  The Olympic committee has said they are not going to take his medal away, as he was not on hormones at the time, so it is not a problem.  Personally, I think the people protesting have a good point, and this whole medal issue makes something clear:  No one actually believes that Jenner is a real woman.  We all know that he has XY chromosomes and scientifically is a male.  But because of political correctness and tolerance gone a muck, most people still want to go along with the delusion that Jenner is a female.  I think this is a kind of hypocrisy.  It’s not really fair that while most people do not believe that people can really change their sex, the ones who actually admit they believe this are ridiculed and called bigots.


Christians, Be Careful What You Say on Facebook

Helpful corrective to ensure we don’t speak with hypocrisy or arrogance when all of us struggle with our own baggage.  We need to love and pray for Jenner.


Desiring GodHow Should We Respond to Caitlyn Jenner

This article does a nice job at proclaiming the clear biblical truth about transgenderism, but also wrestles with the pain and real struggle of Jenner’s story.  The author advocates strongly for compassion.  Jenner’s personhood, being made in the image of God, is emphasized.


Desiring GodIs it Okay to Be a Christian and Be Transgendered?


Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman is an Insult to Women

This article is pretty harsh but makes a lot of great points worth reflecting on, notably Jenner’s way of talking about himself with two personas, and how transgenderism relates to feminism.  The author clearly articulates how Jenner is not really a woman, no matter how much makeup he is wearing to make himself appear like one.  Harshness aside, this article makes great points I hope people will consider.


Bruce Jenner is Not a Hero

This article explores the notion of claiming that you can have a female soul, but a male body, a proposition which doesn’t make sense, because if you believe in God, God would not make such a mistake, and if you don’t believe in God, why believe that people have souls?


Bruce Jenner is Not a Woman, He is a Sick and Delusional Man

This article is a bit harsh, but makes good points.  I appreciated the comparison to anorexia, imagining people celebrating an anorexic woman’s delusions of being overweight.


I Was a Transgender Woman

Moving story of a man who went through sex reassignment surgery but regretted it as it did not fix his unhappiness.


Gospel Coalition – Caitlyn Jenner and Love in the Future Tense

Good article about the importance of biblical truth on this subject, and yet the need to speak about it in love.


The Transgender Triumph

Very long and informative article, with much about the history of transgenderism in the USA.

“Bailey, who has devoted his academic career to outré forms of human sexuality, argued that transgenderism (the new, politically correct word for what was called “transsexualism” a decade ago) isn’t a matter of a mismatch between one’s body and one’s innate identity, as transgender activists and their numerous allies have been arguing. Instead, it’s a matter of sexual desire and romantic yearning. “Those who love men become women to attract them,” Bailey wrote. “Those who love women become the women they love.””


The Cult of Caitlyn confirms that there is nothing progressive in transgender politics

Interesting article looking at all the religiosity and even worship surrounding this whole Jenner saga.  The article also gets into the scary truth that transgender activists want us to rewrite history.


The Real Christian Debate on Transgender Identity

Examines the various Christian responses to the Jenner saga.


Celebrating Confusion: The Crisis of Bruce (Not Caitlyn) Jenner


The Price of Caitlyn Jenner’s Heroism


How to Preach about Bruce Jenner

Some helpful points in here, thoughtful discussion, and some points about Ray Blanchard’s theories about transgenderism.


4 comments on “Many good articles on transgenderism and Jenner

  1. robmilliken says:

    While I feel Jenner’s position, as a recovering ex member of the TG community. The bottom line is without Christ a TG person will fall for the enemies lies and contrived mirages. Telling him or her that the only road to happiness and self fulfilment is to supposedly “switch” genders. Which anyone without the enemies veil of misinformation blinding them, knows SRS is little more than neutering oneself! I once slapped estrogen patches on myself somehow believing that it was feminizing my body and even my thought processes. Well it didn’t do much for my male frame but it did open my minds door wider as the enemies lies lead me further into sinful debauchery… The SRS surgeons, shrinks, drug manufacturers, speech therapists, dermatologists, etc. are making serious $$$$$ off each blind TG soul that darkens their office doorways! They’ve done a marvelous job of promoting a socially accepted agenda spawned by the enemy himself, as he laughs at our own misinformation and spiritual depravity…


  2. thorin25 says:

    You are right Rob, and it is just really sad. It should lead us all the more to compassion and trying to help these struggling men and women


  3. wxtracker says:

    Hi Thorin,

    Saying Matt Walsh’s posts are “a little harsh” is being too nice, in my opinion. He outright shames men who are/have been attracted to transgender women, which indirectly implies that trans people are unworthy of love. This shaming and outright denial of the fact that some straight men would chose trans partners is probably 90% of the reason why trans women get killed. Most murderers of trans people are young men who, amplified by the use of drugs, cannot handle that they in fact experienced attraction to a transgender person.

    I can read worldviews that challenge my life decisions without getting offended, such as yours. You are able to present your perspective without causing harm. But Walsh’s 2 posts made me sick to my stomach. Not because he’s stating certain things about reality that no one can dispute (although I would very much dispute his interpretation and perspective of it), but because the worldview he is propagating is actually dangerous, whether he realizes it or not. I’m pointing this out so you can maybe call this out when you see it among people who share your moral views on transgender issues.


  4. thorin25 says:

    Thank you wxtracker for that thoughtful comment and your appreciation of my posts. Matt’s posts were harsh, but still an interesting commentary worth reading (whether we fully agree with him or not), on this whole Jenner saga. I do think we should continually remind ourselves to be gentle, understanding, and full of grace. That’s why I like to balance my own postings out from time to time with posts about these issues, like this for example –

    Those who read this post will hopefully read your comment as well.

    Please continue to remind me of such things if I am ever coming across as harsh myself. I will appreciate it.


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