More recent articles on Transgenderism

Christianity Today – Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon

““Transgender” is an umbrella term for the many ways people experience a mismatch between their gender identity and their biological sex. So not everyone who is transgender experiences significant gender dysphoria. Some people say their gender resides along a continuum in between male and female or is fluid. They do not tend to report as much distress. Prevalence here has ranged from 1 in 215 to 1 in 300.”

This is long 7 Page article that is quite balanced and helpful.  I think it’s interesting that the author claims there is no link between sexuality and gender dysphoria.  He would be one to disagree with the Blanchard theory then.  But then in the article he goes on to say: “Whether and how to intervene when a child is acting in ways typical of the opposite sex is a controversial topic, to say the least. It’s important to remember that in about three of four of these cases, the gender identity conflict resolves on its own, lessening or ceasing entirely. However, about three-fourths of children who experience a lessening or resolution go on as adults to identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual—a fact that psychologists don’t fully understand at this time.”  To me, clearly this issue is connected to our sexuality.

His comments about what names and pronouns to use is interesting and is a subject I struggle with, even on this blog.  I’ve gone back and forth on the issue.  When discussing with transsexuals online I always use the name they present themselves as, and usually just try to avoid the pronouns while still affirming their personhood.   When I’ve counseled transsexuals face to face in ministry, I’ve used the name they wanted, and used female pronouns.  But at times, I’ve used male pronouns for transsexuals I’ve written about.  So I have not been consistent.  My leaning is definitely towards stating the truth, because they are not really a female even if they are pretending to be.  But sometimes we can temporarily set aside that truth to first be a listener, and bring the truth in later when they are ready to hear it.  At times in the past, I should have stated the truth clearly but did not.  If anyone has good wisdom on this issue for me, I’d like to hear it.


Bruce or Caitlyn? He or She? Should Christian Accommodate Transgender Naming?

This is a good article on the issue I was exploring above.  He takes a good middle of the road, balanced, approached that is close to what I’ve been trying to do.


For God so Loved Caitlyn Jenner

A different perspective than the above article.


Caityln Jenner and the American Religion

This is a very different sort of article about the transgender issue.  It looks at American religion as a whole and explains how much of our thinking today on many issues, including transgenderism, stems from our modern-day Gnostic ideas.


Conservative Politics and the American Religion

This is an interesting article on conservative politics and Jenner.  It seems many politicians are afraid to speak about this issue at all for fear of being branded as bigots.


Transgendered Gnosticism

More on how a belief in modern day Gnosticism, (divide between physical and spiritual), is driving transgender thought.

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