Making too much of Gender?

This article in Christianity Today is thought provoking, called – How We Made Too Much of Gender.

The author kind of goes through the pendulum shifts in our culture throughout recent history.  At times, people deemphasizing gender and differences between men and women, and at times overemphasizing it.  I think right now we are coming out of a time of severe overemphasizing of gender and are quickly moving into the opposite error of denying gender differences again (partly thanks to the feminist movement which wants to deny that gender is tied to our sex, and partly thanks to the plethora of transsexuals of many kinds who are causing youth today to think you can be whoever you want to be, and you can create your own gender, or lack thereof, to suit your own unique personality.  This is a strange and unexpected, and yet true result of the transsexual phenomenon, in that transsexuals are the ones who have given in to gender stereotypes the most).

I do agree with the author that it is our extreme gender stereotypes, overemphasizing the differences between men and women that have led so many of us with gender dysphoria into crises of identity, and gave some of us so much anxiety and confusion about our identities as to lead some of us to crossdressing or transsexualism.  And yet the answer is not to abandon notions of gender altogether, and pretend that men and women are exactly the same.

Like with so many issues in life, the true answer lies in the middle.  We must find the correct balance.  Men and women are different and we should respect and find beauty in those differences.  At the same time, it’s more important to emphasize our common humanity and not stifle people into strict lines and categories saying, “you are a man so you can’t be like this” and “you are a woman so you can’t be like this.”  We need to help people be true to themselves, including to their sex/gender, but not true to the stifling stereotypes of our culture.  It’s difficult to remain in that balance, but hat is what we must try for.  Anything else brings confusion, deception, and pain.


One comment on “Making too much of Gender?

  1. Destry says:

    Personally, I think feminism has brought too much damage beyond repair. If transsexualism has any part in this, it is that feminists drove people to it by constant man shaming.


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