New book that looks helpful

This article talks about a new book that has come out by Mark Yarhouse.  It looks very interesting.  I hope to read it soon.  Has anyone read it yet?

It is called, “Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture.”

This paragraph speaks to me –

Moreover, this entire discussion begs for further investigation into a biblical vision of masculinity and femininity. Gender confusion happens at the intersection of biology and sociology, or how one’s birth sex relates to how he or she lives in the world. Yarhouse alludes to the dangers of “rigid stereotypes about what it means to be male or female” that “inform gender roles that are difficult for some to live into” (133). However, he never describes what these are, nor does he offer alternatives. Literature abounds in this area, but more work needs to be done—work that speaks to what is essential to godly masculinity and femininity. Along this line, and worthy of further investigation, is the first known fact about gender: “in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Gen. 1:27).

I’d love to read more about this.  Although I think some things are clear extremes either to denying gender differences or exaggerating the differences, it’s still hard to articulate the middle balance.  But even though the book doesn’t get into it enough apparently, it still looks like a great book.


2 comments on “New book that looks helpful

  1. cranmer says:

    I’ve read it; it is very good. As a pastor and someone who has struggled with CD for a long time I have really struggled to find Biblical yet credible material to think through gender issues, but this has been very good. I like the fact that Yarhouse is compassionate and honest enough to admit that there are a number of grey areas, but is determined to let Scripture be his authority. If I had a complaint, and speaking as a guy who does struggle with CD temptations, I almost think that he is too compassionate- I would like him to be more clear that crossdressing is incompatible with being a Christian, and affirming of those of us who are seeking to fight temptation


  2. thorin25 says:

    that’s great cranmer, thank you for the comment. I hear your complaint and am sure I would agree. I find the same kind of thing with my pastoral colleagues. In some ways I am more compassionate than they are, because I know what it means to deal with an unwanted type of sexual desire and addiction, and yet I am also less compassionate in other ways because I myself am having to fight the battles, so with the people I counsel, I try to help them fight the battles, whereas some other pastoral colleagues almost feel like they can’t suggest that and are more accepting of what I deem to be sinful behavior. Looks like I need to read this book soon!


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