Woman makes herself blind

Here is an article about a woman who purposely made herself blind.

Woman says she is happier than ever after fulfilling lifelong wish of becoming blind

Is this really so different from people getting medical operations to remove their healthy genitals in order to attempt to live as the opposite sex?  In both cases it is destructive to a healthy body.  In both cases the person is fulfilling the wishes of their hearts to rectify something they perceive being wrong with their body (when there isn’t really anything wrong with their body).

Interestingly this lady realizes she has a disorder.  But she seems to have no thoughts that there might have been a better solution to her disorder than ruining her eyes for life.

Does anyone know how transsexuals argue that they are somehow different from these people?

I don’t look down on this lady in the article, nor on transsexuals.  I can only imagine their pain and feelings of being so completely alone with no one else understanding how they feel.  But the solution in both cases is not surgery.  It’s being taught the truth, finding contentment in our situation, and learning to make the best of our reality.

I think it is harsh and hypocritical to think this lady is somehow crazy and the rest of us aren’t.  I think it is harsh and hypocritical to treat her as somehow worse or more demented than other people with disorders.  Her feelings are real too.  As with transgendered people, we need to show people like her compassion.  But that compassion should guide them away from surgeries and deceptions, and into the light of the truth.


One comment on “Woman makes herself blind

  1. Destry says:

    Honestly, when I saw the title, I thought the article was about a woman who purposely made herself blind so she won’t have to worry about her appearance and not look at herself. I was going to say that this woman was completely insane and she should not be compared to transexuals, but after reading the last part, I changed my mind.


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