New Year – You Can Get Crossdressing Out Of Your Life!

It’s that time of the year, the time for New Year’s Resolutions.  Why not make a resolution once and for all to remove crossdressing from your life?  To be finally be healed from this confusion and addiction?  Sure, I grant you that it isn’t easy.  It won’t be instantaneous.  It might even take years for the desires to go away.

But do you really want crossdressing still in your life?  Do you really want to keep making yourself more confused about who you are?  Do you really want the shame and guilt?  Do you really want to keep risking your marriage, your job, and your friendships?  Aren’t you tired of feeling out of control?  Aren’t you tired of all the time wasted?  If you are a Christian, aren’t you tired of how crossdressing draws you away from a healthy relationship with God?

You CAN stop.  You DO have a choice.  You do have FREEWILL.  You are ABLE to make a change.  You CAN exhibit self control.  You CAN experience change in your desires.  It will be difficult, for sure!  But it will be worth it.

If you want some good reminders about why crossdressing is good to get out of your life – Summary of why crossdressing is sinful/harmful

If you want to read about how happy it made me to get crossdressing out of my life – I Quit Crossdressing and I am Happy!

If you want some good advice to get started in breaking out of this addiction – 12 Steps to Stop Crossdressing


Make a New Year’s Resolution.  And I and the rest of this blog community are here to support you!



One comment on “New Year – You Can Get Crossdressing Out Of Your Life!

  1. K says:

    I didn’t make a New Years resolution last year to quit CDing, just a commitment to do some more study and prayer, asking the Lord to guide me. Today marks one complete year without CDing, which is only because God has taken away the desire, I can only surmise due to my openness to whatever He wanted to show me through that process. So I encourage other guys to come to the Lord and let Him have His way in your life. Thank you Thorin and the prayer group guys for supporting me and each other in prayer throughout the last year. I believe that God has used those prayers in my life, and others as well. Praise the Lord.

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