Article comparing Transgender to Body Integrity Identity Disorder

I have talked about this in several blog posts already, but here is yet another article showing the clear parallels between having transgender feelings and this other phenomenon known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender – can you choose?

I fully agree with the parallels that they at least show us that we need to be wary when it comes to our subjective feelings.  Just because we feel something is wrong with our sex, it doesn’t mean that there actually is something wrong with our sex.  We would need something more than just our feelings to make a good argument for sex reassignment surgery or living as transgender.

The quote I like from the article – Then, why would anyone advocate the amputation of healthy genitals and breasts in order to satisfy a gender dysphoria?13 Similarly, if amputation is deemed appropriate, due to the unwavering demands of a gender dysphoric individual, then so must liposuction be advocated on someone struggling with anorexia.14 Clearly, the brain and emotions can’t be trusted as the defining authority on the human experience of sex. We must pay heed to our Creator in whose Word we are told … male and female He made them.


3 comments on “Article comparing Transgender to Body Integrity Identity Disorder

  1. Bigguy says:

    thorn its been a year now I have not dress up or wear panties and bras I accept god my life I meeting church followers and getting more interest and new friends so not cross-dressing change me for the better this site is great and helpful


  2. thorin25 says:

    that’s wonderful! Continue living in victory!


  3. CD wife says:

    I like that quote Thorin. Can you please email me .


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