Transgender Arguments Are Often Logically Contradictory

This article – How the Transgender Lobby is Using a Teen’s Death – is yet another powerful article clearly explaining the logical inconsistencies of transgender arguments.  People arguing for transgenderism want to use “objective scientific facts” but they like to pick and choose what scientific facts they look at.

And this choice quote from the article, as I have argued elsewhere –

The same inconsistency is evident even more significantly elsewhere when the writer alludes to scientific evidence about sex not being binary. He does not link to that evidence but it appears that he is at least by implication connecting sex (a physical category) to gender (a non-physical category). If so, the point is strange because it is irrelevant, a category mistake. The basis of the transgender case is not physiological or biological but social and psychological. In fact, to elide sex and gender is to concede the very point that is used in the case against transgenderism. Nevertheless, this reference undoubtedly adds specious rhetorical strength to the case for any reader who misses the switch.

Many of the people arguing for the goodness of transgenderism argue that there is no binary in gender and gender does not have to be connected to birth-sex.  But then why do they need to surgically alter their bodies to match their felt gender?  It’s logically inconsistent.


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