Catholic Views on modern gender theories

Since many of you are Roman Catholic, this article may be of special interest to you, and also I agree strongly with the article.

“Gender-Sensitive” Catholicism by Rudolf Voderholzer

The article contains many quotations by various popes and bishops addressing the modern views about gender that say gender is just about culture socialization and that there is no fundamental difference between men and women.  The view that says you can choose to be whatever gender you want to be.

The article is very strongly worded, yet pastoral at times.  I like this quote:

Nobody is condemned for having difficulties accepting his biological gender. But then someone has to help them to accept their masculinity and their femininity. This is not surgically possible, it is only possible with human and pastoral care.

This is my view as well.  I don’t hate people who struggle with gender dysphoria (doing so would necessitate having hated myself in the past as well).  I don’t want to make people feel ashamed.  I don’t want them to feel isolated.  I don’t want them to be mired in guilt.  No.  But I do want to help them find freedom in the real bodies that they have.

I really like the new pope, Pope Francis.  He might be the most well loved pope in a long time, especially by young people in our generation.  He has gone against the materialistic culture and showed us all how to love the poor and the weak in humility.  But we must also heed his words about these gender and transgender issues:

Pope Francis says, “The gender ideology is demonic”. He includes gender theory among the fundamental dangers of our era, with the same threatening potential as nuclear weapons and gene manipulation and describes it as an attitude with which man creates a new sin that is directed against God the Creator.


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