Deeper Issues Behind the Bathroom Debate

I purposely decided not to wade in to the bathroom debates on this blog. But I want to share an article I found really interesting on these issues. It’s interesting not so much in regards to bathroom policies and legislation, but rather in regards to the troubling deeper issues underlying the arguments.

The article is:
5 Reasons President Obama’s New Transgender School Policy is Foolish

The author clearly shows the holes in the transgender arguments and theories.  That is why I find this article so helpful.  The arguments are usually presented as if “transgender” is an obvious scientific fact that is straightforward.  But it is anything but.  In fact, as the author points out, it is based only on internal feeling, so someone becomes transgender just because they say they are, even if in fact they do not have any gender dysphoria.  This makes things incredibly complicated.   Schools, sports teams, scholarships and many other things want to make differentiation regarding sex.  That makes sense because we want to treat men and women fairly, and they do indeed have different bodies.  This matters when it comes to these topics.  In order to further the feminist movement, we must recognize that men and women are different.  But with the reasoning in the legislation and in gender theory, there are not just two different genders, but really a whole spectrum.  Yet the transgender arguments and legislation are fusing the two together.  I don’t believe that gender and sex are really different things.  I don’t believe you can be male in gender, and female in sex, for example.  But for the people who do believe that sex and gender are different things, and think that gender is on a spectrum, this should not entail anything about letting people change their sex for such things as bathrooms, sports team, applying for jobs and scholarships, etc.

Further, as the author points out, appearance does not matter to the activists.  So a boy, who looks and acts like a boy, can still claim to be transgendered, and would have to be treated as such under the legislation, thus allowing him to use the female bathroom.  It just doesn’t make sense.

I also found very interesting in the article what he says about how the activists are not comfortable with having a separate bathroom for transgendered students.  The concern is not the safety of transgendered students.  The real concern then is political correctness, forcing us to believe and treat transgendered people as if they really are the sex they claim to be.  I understand why they would want people to view them this way.  But this is highly problematic in that this is a way to try to push against freedom of different beliefs about these topics.  You can’t legislate what people are to believe.

This reminds me of the troubling development in New York City, seen in this article – NYC Releases List of 31 Genders: Man, Woman, ‘Something else Entirely.’   No longer do we have freedom of speech.  You can call people offensive things and not be fined.  But if you miss-gender a person, you can be fined.  I don’t understand.

Last, back to the first article, the guidance about how to deal with gender dysphoria in children was very enlightening.  I really had no idea that so many children struggled with dysphoria to some degree only to have it go away later.  And I had no idea that even secular organizations argued caution to parents to not facilitate transgender leanings in their children until after puberty.


18 comments on “Deeper Issues Behind the Bathroom Debate

  1. Lisa says:

    I think their should be a third bathroom for transgendered people. The bathroom is a very private place for a woman to go and a place where she can feel safe. Just because a transgendered person feels in his mind he is a girl does not give him the right to use the women’s bathroom. He still has male genitalia. This must be so uncomfortable for a female. We cannot know the mind of a transgendered person. A women’s safety is an issue here. A girl’s parents must be outraged by the law and fear for their child’s safety. I’m sure the majority of transgendered are good people. But! we cannot allow one girl to be sexually assaulted. The law does not take this into consideration. A woman see’s a transgender go into the bathroom: chances are she will wait for that person to come out before she enters. She will feel uncomfortable and rightly so.


  2. CD wife says:

    Lisa i agree with you. I have a situation where a Cross Dresser uses our bathroom at a church i attend. She(?) says she is transitioning but all i know is i feel awkward and wait till i can go to another bathroom. But a third one is such a good idea then everyone can feel safe and happy. No matter what anyone says to me i just feel uncomfortable so i hope i haven’t offended.
    I have spoken to Thorin and prayed around this but……


  3. CD wife says:

    Actually i’m thinking this could get complicated because you could get M to F and F to M who may not want to be together !


  4. Lisa says:

    CD wife,the problem is a transgendered person will feel we’re not excepting them as women by making them use a third bathroom. Then they will use the law to file suit. The church, school will not want to get sued and gain a reputation for discrimination. Even though a dangerous situation could ensue. It’s just wrong and very scary. Women’s concerns are not being taken into consideration by the law.


  5. CD wife says:

    Thank you lisa. Why didn’t i think of what you have said? You are correct of course.


  6. thorin25 says:

    That’s part of the issue. A third bathroom is not enough. The activists want us to “believe” that they are really indeed women. Because we have to allow them to positions only open to females, allow them on female sports team, and allow them into ladies bathrooms locker rooms, etc. Then for all intents and purposes they are forcing us to act as if we believe they are really women. It’s getting difficult to have freedom of belief that a man, dressing like a woman, is still a man. Even though scientifically this should be clear.


  7. Lisa says:

    Hi thorin. I feel very strongly about the bathroom issue. One of the few places left where a woman should feel safe. A transsexual will argue how can I be a threat if I have had a sex change surgery? What are they going to do show women documentation, lift up their skirt it’s a ridiculous argument. The point is we don’t know if they have male genitalia or not. So they still pose a threat to girls and women. Its just simply a very uncomfortable situation for females.

    Women’s locker rooms are out of bounds for sure. A transgender person is going to get naked with male genitalia in front of girls. I don’t think so. This is just unthinkable to me.


  8. Snip says:

    It’s all a mockery before God. Trying to change what God has ordained won’t work. People claim that I’m a bigot and such but the reality is that as a little kid (around 8), I wished I was a girl. I’m sure other folks on this site understand the transsexualism to a great degree and still think that changing 90% of one’s body to fit the other 10 is just nuts. It’s all part of the plan to ruin society, breakup families, and reduce the population.

    On the bathroom policy, one thing often overlooked would be the women who have been sexually assaulted and have to remove their experience when they see a man in the bathroom.


  9. Temptedsinner says:

    I too have very strong feelings on this subject. If we were allowed to vote, I would go with the third restroom train of thought. Unfortunately our leaders believe that they have all the answers for society as a whole ( ie: abortion, gay marriage, health care and now gender)
    I tend to agree with Snip when he says “It’s all part of the plan to ruin society, breakup families, and reduce the population “.

    While in a discussion with his kids, my neighbor asked them what percentage of people in the United States, do you think are gay? Their answers were somewhere in the the 20% – 25% range. They did not believe him when he showed them (on his smart phone) that it was 3.7%. The same with transgendered. They would like us to believe that the number is much higher than what it is. It is also worth noting that one of the biggest advocates on this subject on social media is a trans-man, A genetic female with facial hair etc… lobbying to be able to use the “men’s room” . If I were in the restroom and he /she came in, I would not even think about it… Just another guy that has to take a leak…. Why is there this need to shove it down our throats when the numbers show that it is less than half of a percent of our population.
    Did I, do I “want” to use the ladies dressing room to try on clothing? Yes! at time I did, and at time have to face that thought in my mind even as I write this. That does not make it acceptable for me as a cross-dresser to make everyone else shopping uncomfortable because of what I want.
    The most ridiculous and insane thing,that has not been said by our “mainstream media” is this bit about the schools????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Locker rooms and showers…. Naked CHILDREN together? I could be wrong and I have not googled “why was clothing developed?” I am guessing the answer is two fold. 1) to keep warm. 2) for the purpose of modesty.
    This is all unthinkable, Unthinkable in that we are trying to form our children in this way? What is the end in mind? Sure to get elected yada yada….. But seriously where is this coming from?
    It has probably been over 50 years since I first tried on “girls” clothing. In that time I have been all over the spectrum, which I won’t go into now. Allow me to make another ludicrous suggestion, and as the temperature is going to be in the 90’s today, Why don’t we all go around naked? Why do we have clothing at all if it is causing this kind of confusion? It would save a lot of money in mental health care costs. If it is ok to expose our children to nudity of (can I say this) the opposite gender in our shcools then why not on the streets? Hell, look at how much we would save in not buying clothes. I guess we would still need them when it gets cold though.

    Ok, enough of my grandstanding on this subject. Except for the question of Why are not more people outraged on this subject? Why are our churches not bringing this to light? And so many other atrocities of our day? I didn’t know this until recently…. The Johnson Amendment of 1954, You can find many commentaries on this subject. Is this what is stopping the churches from speaking out?

    IDK… It gets so complicated…. Cant we just go back to simple and abide by what Jesus told us about the most important commandment (s)?
    The two great commandments that contain the whole law of God are:

    Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and with thy whole strength;
    Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.



  10. Snip says:


    You make done good points, like why should 99.7% of the population have to change to make the 0.3% happy?

    I recognize you were being facetious with the “let’s all be naked” comment, but I think that might cause an increase in mental illness…

    I believe there are some cultural norms that should be changed, but male is male, and female is female. We cannot choose to switch back and forth according to how we feel; our assigned sex isn’t a restaurant menu where we can choose what we feel like each day.


  11. Temptedsinner says:

    With the presidential election looming I don’t think that I have ever been more concerned for my children’s future and that of their future children. Fortunately we will only have to endure the next administration for 4 years or worst case scenario 8 years. The presidents power is quite limited when compared to that of the Supreme Court. A lifetime position that on average lasts 28 years.
    These are the “public servants” that have given us the “Culture of Death” through abortion, the same ones who decided that marriage does not have to be between 1 man and 1 woman. The same ones who a gradually stripping away our religious freedoms.
    Next up on their docket is the great bathroom debate ! Certainly something that each of us here has an inside opinion on.


  12. Lisa says:

    HI tempted. Totally agree with you on this issue. I just hope women’s feelings on this matter are taken into consideration. Especially the fear of sexual assault. We’re seeing more states suing the federal government on the transgender bathroom issue. Which gives me a little hope.


  13. Lisa says:

    Hi. So pleased the federal government has decided to repeal the law regarding transgender using female bathrooms and more importantly lockers rooms. Nice to see female opinions are being taken into consideration.


  14. Lisa says:

    Anyone else happy to see the government stepping up for once? Protecting women from potential harm.


  15. CD wife says:

    Yes Lisa i am. Actually i emailed Thorin about this issue a while back because at my church a man(?) who wears woman’s clothes and seems to have breasts uses out bathroom which makes me feel uncomfortable. As it’s the politically correct thing to do i can say nothing. So i just pray for him/her.


  16. Temptedsinner says:

    Yes, I am very pleased! More so for the children and schools who were being forced to accept and even promote gender confusion. This was the most twisted piece of legislation ever, but I am afraid that it will return sometime in the future.


  17. Lisa says:

    Hi CD wife. I would not go in the bathroom if I saw a trans person enter. Why should I have to be uncomfortable?


  18. CD wife says:

    Thank you Lisa. What you have said is the obvious thing to do. I will go to the upstairs bathroom next time as a matter of principle and to not be made to feel uncomfortable .
    It’s just there is always a queue and i would have worried that to leave would maybe have offended him or others if i left when he came in.
    Also everyone refers to him as her which i find so odd. The world has gone mad !


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