Testimony of former transsexual

Unfortunately, I do not have more information about this individual, neither name or location.  But it is still a very interesting testimony, worth 3 minutes of your time.


2 comments on “Testimony of former transsexual

  1. billylongtermcd says:

    this is a very helpful testimony for anyone who is thinking of going down the path of surgery,and as the dear brother points out while Jesus has delivered him so wonderfully at the same time like David with Bathsheba he is left with some things that he will have to live with. As you have often reminded us stop now. I am sure al of us who have watched this short clip will pray for this dear brother and in my case thank God that but for his grace I would be in the same place today.Thomas good to hear you are still doing well will keep praying for you


  2. Lisa says:

    I feel so sad for this man. This made me cry. What he did to himself before accepting his God given gender. I will pray with God’s help he can find happiness in life. It just goes to show how an unstable mind can progress from CD to surgery. Praise the Lord, eventually he found his way.


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