The Man Who Would Be Queen – Free online

I’ve already written – here – about this book.  But I just found that it is free online.  It’s a very controversial book, though I think it is quite interesting and helpful.  Read the book for free here: The Man Who Would be Queen.  After reading, go back and read my original blog post about it and comment with your thoughts.


One comment on “The Man Who Would Be Queen – Free online

  1. Lisa says:

    This book will obviously up set transsexuals. The author dismisses their self perceptions as obsessive lies. I personally agree with Bailey on this issue. Their are striking differences (scientifically proven)inherit in male and female brains developed in the womb. No amount of female hormones or surgery can duplicate a man into a biological woman. A gay man obsessed with becoming a self perceived, projection of what he believes is a woman, is more probable.

    I also noticed a lack of citations. A lot more personal chatty than scholarship. Which I feel hurts his arguments.


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