Christian Responses to Transgender

Here are several more articles about Christian views of transgender issues.

I think this first article is quite good and thorough. What does the Bible say about Transgenderism / Gender Dysphoria / Gender Identity Disorder

The gender stereotypes the author envisions are perhaps a little too stereotypical with not enough room for certain boys and girls to be different from the norm.  But otherwise I think it is a helpful article.  It deals with understanding transgender, what repentance looks like, having realistic expectations, and the author advocates love and compassion to those struggling with these issues.  A very well rounded article, and very helpful.


What the Gospel has to say to Transgendered Persons

This next article is very interesting theologically and biblically, but it is pretty academic, and not very pastoral.  Don’t read it to know how to counsel transgender people, but read it to understand some of the important theological ramifications.


How should Christians respond to the Transgender Phenomenon?

Very interesting article about Christians wrestling with the issue of whether to view transgendered people as having a physical or mental disorder, or are they living in willful sin against God, or is it a combination of both?  I think this is a really helpful article.  The author is clearly advocating compassion of transgender people, and clearly admitting that people don’t just come up with these feelings as a way to rebel against God.  We don’t choose them.  Yet we do choose to act on them, and our actions are what is sinful.  And the more we act on our transgender desires and give in to them, the stronger they become, and the more we actually are rebelling against God.


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