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One of the good Christian organizations on my links page which cares for people with sexual addictions – Prodigal Ministries – I recently found out also has a good blog.  It is called – The Prodigal Ministries Blog.  By the way, I recommend this organization to those looking for some counseling help to deal with their crossdressing or other sexual problems.  They do not do reparative or conversion therapy, but are committed to helping you grow in your relationship with Jesus, and help you to heal from hurts, and overcome harmful behaviors.  There are a lot of good posts if you look back through the history of the blog.  But I want to highlight a few in particular in this post.

First, the author of the blog, Jerry Armelli, has given his testimony about his struggle with transgender feelings.  It’s in three parts:

My Excursion Through Transgenderism Part 1

My Excursion Through Transgenderism Part 2

My Excursion Through Transgenderism Part 3

What struck me is how much contempt he had for men.  Many of my brothers in this community who have shared with me about their struggles, also have repeatedly voiced how much they have been bothered by men.  Or they feel that women seem to be much better than men.  And that this is part of what drove them to want to be with women and be a woman.  My little thought right now is that we have to deal with our contempt of men by being the best men we can be.  Instead of retreating from masculinity because we see the problems in it, we must be the men that God created us to be, and help to redeem the notion of masculinity in our culture.  We must be strong courageous men who are also sensitive, gentle, and full of love.

Here is a great post on what compassion is all about: not affirming sin, but loving people enough to want to help them – True Compassion.

A good post on the power of Confession – Preventative Confession.

There are also many good posts about homosexuality and how the church should love those with same-sex attractions.  I won’t list all the posts here, but I recommend reading through the whole blog.


4 comments on “Prodigal Ministries Blog

  1. Caleb Ben Judah says:

    Gday brothers Thorin this sounds good but i struggle with whether its for real I have been rebelling again with all the pressure bout being a “real woman” at work, this last 2 week with 1 of the engineers gone & just being 1 of the boys again its been easier but i have been living more as a man again & exploring options to transition. God once said it would destroy me if i went down that path but i cant see how when its so much more me being who i am & so much more strength & peace when i not tryn to deal with woman crap- it just doesnt make any sense to me but like the guy in this post i accept god created me this way ( though not until recently), i prayed for God to make me a boy frm when i was 4 right through til i was 13 when i figurd god was never going to answer it & i hated what i saw of christians & turned away frm him. Praise god he brought me back but even now i still find myself unable to cope with being a woman & praying the same old prayer again, so i am back cd again & dreaming of having a wife Please can u pray for me, i want to do what god wants but cant seem to find the strength to even want to at the moment if that makes sense Deborah

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  2. thorin25 says:

    Deborah I will pray for you right now. Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons that transgender changes are sinful and all the reasons why you didn’t give in before. Sometimes our sinful rationalizations or even demonic influence can make us forget all the important things in our lives, and make sin look good. But it’s not. I know that if you go through my blog posts about the topic “transgender” and read articles I’ve linked to about “transgender” you will once again realize that such a path is foolishness. Even for me, reading my old posts is helpful when I get into times of temptation, because it is so easy to forget or ignore the truth.

    Would a personal counselor be helpful? This organization, Prodigal ministries, I am in touch with, and I can vouch for them. Shall I connect you to them? Even if you are not in their area, they can communicate with you over skype. It might be really helpful for you to have someone to talk this through with, someone who will listen to you, love you, and not condemn you.


  3. Temptedsinner says:

    Welcome Jerry


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