Three Interesting Videos about Identity

The first video shows the complexity and in my mind, foolishness, of the dozens of different gender/sexual identities that people claim to have in our modern culture today.  What came to my mind is rather surprising and seemingly unconnected.  But I thought of how the Hindus in India have over a million gods, as if almost each person needs their own unique god to worship.  In our culture, each person needs to come up with their own unique sex/gender identity (and their own unique pronouns).  What is really annoying is that even though people of the LGBT community have trouble agreeing together on the real definitions of all 31 of these unique identities, they also still want insist and expect the general public to understand them, adhere to them and use them?  The whole thing is foolishness.  There is something interesting also about their felt need to “label” who they are instead of just living the way they want to live.  What does the label give them?  Do they feel like giving themselves a label somehow makes their identity real and official, does it validate them somehow?  Does it make it a scientifically real condition?

What Does ‘Pangender’ Mean? ‘Intersex’? Watch People Fail Our Gender Identity Test

The second and third videos are also about identity.  They are about the foolishness and illogical nature of claiming to be something we are clearly not.  But in our modern culture, people feel it is better to affirm another person’s identity, contrary to science, than to say something politically incorrect.  Or maybe the people actually truly believe you can be whatever you feel you are, and that is something far more disturbing to me.  That sounds like the Orwellian notion of “doublethink.”  You have to believe that the man dressing like a woman is really a woman, even though at the same time you believe he is not really a woman.  You believe the two contradictory notions at once.  It’s scary to me that people are believing this stuff.  The nature of truth and reality is changing when people can believe things that are contrary to their common sense and what they can see right in front of them.  Here are two videos about this.


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