Good Articles on Homosexuality

This blog is not directly about homosexuality, but there is so much overlap between the theological and biblical issues involved in homosexuality and crossdressing, that it is worth it for me to share some good articles about homosexuality from time to time.  In addition, since so many of the gender dysphoric men I’ve counseled have had forays into homosexual relationships, it is wise to share some helpful articles.

This first one is a great testimony.  It is a video.  I appreciate how he talks of Christians who came alongside him in a loving way.  Unfortunately the cultural stereotype is that all Christians are judgmental hypocrites, but that stereotype is simply a stereotype and most of the time is not true (in my experience).  *6-12-17* update – Changed the link as the old one expired at the Gospel Coalition.

The Story of a Same-Sex Attracted Pastor and Husband


Then here are several articles from Matt Moore’s website.  I’m not really familiar with him, but I stumbled onto this website one day, and there appears to be a lot of really helpful articles.  Spend some time exploring his website.  He speaks out of experience as being a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction.  He mentions transgender issues from time to time briefly in some of the articles.

I am not a Homosexual…or Heterosexual or Bisexual or Any-Other-Kind-Of-Sexual

I really appreciate the above post.  We shouldn’t claim our sinful temptations as part of our identity.  And he even makes a good case for not bothering to call ourselves heterosexual either.

Is Same-Sex Attraction a Sin?

I really appreciate this thoughtful post linked to above, distinguishing between sinful actions, temptations, and lustful desires.  They are all different things.  He makes clear that we can sin in our feelings and mind even when we are not acting them out, which is also what Jesus said.  Yet to be tempted to sin in itself is not sin, only the giving in to the temptation.

Secret Sin Will Devour You

He talks about the power of confession.  Confession to trusted friends has been of priceless value in my life.

Are LGBT People Being Damaged by Traditional Christian Teaching?

Church Discipline Saved my Faith

The Perilous Sin of Affirming Sin


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