Critique of the Doctrine of Gender Identity

I appreciate this video presentation by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper.  The introduction is especially helpful in explaining how we can critique a view like this while still respecting and treating people well who we disagree with.  She explains carefully and gently and clearly the internal incoherence and logical problems with this “doctrine.”

Especially interesting was her analysis of what people say about gender identity and where it comes from if it is truly fixed and universal.  Would they say gender identity is immaterial or material?  If material, it should empirically verifiable and identifiable, such as a gendered brain.  She does a great job asking some of the difficult questions about this view, and raising some problems with it.  I plan to do more research on this subject when I get some time.

Her conclusion was powerful.  If gender identity is only “felt” and cannot be described or seen or verified, there is no way to determine the difference between a man and a woman, no way to explain what a man is or what a woman is.  The words become meaningless.

Here is another video of the question and answer session.  She does a good job of commenting on people with intersex conditions.  There would be no such thing as “intersex” if there was not a binary of male and female.  She thinks the trans community is exploiting intersexed people for their own agenda.


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