Articles on Manhood

Much of our problem with crossdressing and transgenderism I think has stemmed from confusion between what it means to be men or women, as well as feeling like we do not fit the stereotypes of our culture about what it means to be men or women.  Some of us grew up learning to hate masculinity and being men.  Some of us convinced ourselves that we should have been born women.  Amidst all of this pain and confusion, I believe a big part of our recovery is learning what it really means to be a man (or a woman for those women who struggle with transgender feelings), and learning to embrace ourselves and our bodies for who we are even if we do not conform to all of society’s gender stereotypes.  So here are some articles on the subject I found helpful or interesting:

Making Better Men

Rejecting the type of masculinity exemplified by President Trump, and talking about other better examples from the author’s life.

Nine Attributes of a Real Man

We find our definition of manhood from God.

What Does it mean for a Man to Lead his Family Spiritually?

The article says that we should not want mindless submission from our wives, but want them full of intelligence.  Both husband and wife submit to Christ.  Husbands should seek out the wisdom and desires of the wife.  Headship is about leading, protecting, and providing, in general having a sense of “benevolent responsibility.”

America’s Lost Boys

How today’s boys are living lives of fantasy – pornography and video games – instead of living real life.

Rescuing Warriors from Muscular Christianity

Muscular Christianity may be rejected, but the Christian life is one of war and struggle, against Satan, sin, and injustice.




4 comments on “Articles on Manhood

  1. nosillasite says:

    Love the post however the first article struck me… especially the description,,, quoting,,

    “Rejecting the type of masculinity exemplified by President Trump, and talking about other better examples from the author’s life.”

    I think that is extremely misleading and hyped from popular culture media and targets President Trump on something else which is totally not fair.. Whether you are for or against the President, using him as the so called “masculine agenda” because of his style does NOT make him a non sensitive human being as the whole world seems to be making him so I will NOT even condone NOR read that first article.. sorry.. Talk about sexist!! lol


  2. thorin25 says:

    Not a problem at all, just read what you want to read. I have written a lot, plus linked to a lot of articles on this blog, and most people will not have the time to read everything, and that’s okay.

    Also, this blog is not political. Just was describing what the article was about. You are certainly entitled to your opinion about our president, as I am as well. I think he gives us a horrible image of what it means to be a man. He mocks women and people with disabilities, he is arrogant, refuses to ever say he was wrong, lies, and says he is a Christian yet that he doesn’t need any forgiveness from God for anything. Is that really a good masculine role model? Not to me. I happen to agree with many of his policies, and I’m not trying to demonize him, but he is hardly a good role model in his character. But I agree with you that the media has been demonizing him, at times unfairly.

    Anyway, just explaining what the article was talking about, but I don’t want to get into a debate about Trump. Not the purpose of this blog. I’m here to support you and your husband. So just stick to the posts that don’t mention Trump 🙂

    Will keep praying for you


  3. CD wife says:

    I have just read the article Americas lost boys and some of the comments. I am sad and in shock i knew about this of course but not the detail.
    I was watching a chat show yesterday where they discussed a ( i can’t remember the name of it) true life like doll that men can use for sex . It’s new so don’t think the old fashion type it will replace a women for porn addicts ect who want to avoid intimacy. I couldn’t watch it all i was so upset to think of the suffering wives who can so easily be “replaced” by this awful vile excuse for not living in the real world. And of course the thought of the men who won’t bother to even try a real life relationship doesn’t bare thinking about. What is the world coming to ? We have to just pray pray pray.


  4. thorin25 says:

    Yes pray and pray some more. But also remember, that though the world looks like its crashing and burning around us in depravity, God is still in control. The story of this world has a good ending, and even now God is working good through his people. But yes, these things disturb me much as well


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