Articles about Transgender – From The Federalist

Here are some interesting articles from The Federalist about various transgender issues.

Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ is Mass Hysteria Similar to 1980’s-Era Junk Science

About how quickly and foolishly the psychological community has bought into ideas about transgenderism in our culture. And the tragedy is that those suffering with gender dysphoria do not get the help that they need.  He also gives a helpful analogy to treating anorexia.

Interesting quotation – “Middle-aged men and women who feel dissatisfied with their lives may act out unrealistic romantic fantasies in an attempt to remake themselves. Often this leads to the tragedy of divorce and the destruction of families. The transgender movement has fostered the most unrealistic fantasy imaginable—that one can solve what is always a multidimensional dissatisfaction with one’s self by changing one’s sex.”

Another interesting quote – “This bitterly polarizing formula casts the “transgendered” as an amorphous lot of hatefully oppressed people. No distinction is made among highly disparate groups of the “gender dysphoric.” As has been described, these range from transient expressions of gender “incongruence” that occur in the normal developmental process, to those that are surface expressions of common life-stage conflicts, and to those more deeply rooted problems of personal identity that are symptomatic of personality disorders.

Ironically, individuals are robbed of their personal identity and become anonymous members of the gender identity community—the “transgendered.” Rather than the individual assessments and personalized psychotherapy that the sufficiently distressed should receive, the remedy is one-size-fits-all. A transgender person can become any gender he or she chooses, or be no gender at all. They can call themselves any names they choose, take hormones, and have their sex surgically “reassigned.” All this is with the credulous support of people and institutions who have succumbed to the contagion of a cultural delusion.”


Why We Should Have Seen the Transgender Craze Coming

Gives a little history of transgender developments in our country.


The Transgender Lobby’s Demands Are Not Civil Rights

Interesting look at the issues of healthcare and school bathrooms and other related issues.  I was surprised to learn about what doctors are going to be forced to do.


Having Transgender Parents Will Hurt Kids Like it Hurt Me

I do very much believe that it is God’s desire that each child have a mother and a father, and that children with only one parent at home are disadvantaged.  However, I do believe a parent could become a transsexual and still be a loving parent.  Will the child likely be confused by this?  Certainly.  But it would be hard to pin down what the “hurt” would actually be.  The main thing I can think of is having no father, no male role-model which is important for both boys and girls to grow up with.


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