Strange Parallels to Transgender Ideology

I’ve posted about some of these things before, but it still is amazing to me that more people don’t see the parallels between these very strange issues and transgenderism.  Of course they are not exactly the same.  But just read the articles.  The things people say have strong parallels to the things transgender people say.  In all the cases, there is no scientific proof that these people really are what they say they are, and yet we are asked to accept them for who they present to be.  Why, if a man claims he is a woman, do we celebrate and encourage him to transition?  And then we turn around and say these other people have mental illnesses?  I can say to a transabled person, “you are not disabled, don’t destroy your healthy body,” but I cannot say to the transgender man, “you do not have a female body, you are not a woman, don’t change your body.”  Why is that?

What makes the issues different?  Is it that most of us can imagine wanting to be the other sex, but it is very rare for us to imagine wanting to be a dragon or disabled or a child?

I know the transgender community hates it when people like me try to say that these things are parallels.  I think the reason is that the transgender community has fought really hard (as one article mentions) to have society not view them as having a mental illness.  But is it really fair to request that gender dysphoria not be viewed as a mental problem, but then turn around and call these other people “crazy” who are mentioned in these articles?  I don’t think that’s fair.  While these people certainly seem much more extreme and mentally disturbed to me than transgender people do, ultimately the arguments are much the same.  People claim to be something that everyone else can see that they are clearly not.  Feel free to push back on me with this if I am missing something, but I see so many similarities.

I don’t think it’s helpful to call transgender people “crazy” nor these other people either.  In these cases, people did not choose to feel the way they feel, whether it’s from something that went wrong biologically, or from societal pressures, or family dysfunction, whatever the case, I don’t believe people chose to have these feelings.  It doesn’t help to call them crazy, just as I would not want people to call me crazy for my issues with crossdressing and gender dysphoria.  They need love and compassion, and wise counseling.  What they don’t need is people encouraging their mental illness and identity confusion.


Transgender People Need as much help as the ‘Human Ken-Doll’ Does

Those who suffer from BDD and those who suffer from gender dysphoria are in similar situations: Their self-perception clashes with physical reality. There is a mental disconnect between who they are and who they believe themselves to be.”

Transgender woman leaves wife and 7 kids to live as a 6-year-old-girl

Becoming Disabled by Choice not by Chance

Otherkin are People Too

‘The Dragon Lady’: Plastic Surgeon Warns on Danger of Body Modification





One comment on “Strange Parallels to Transgender Ideology

  1. CD wife says:

    Thorin i have no words except i’m in shock and in agreement with you. Pray pray pray for them.


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