Interesting Link – Transgender Reality

**Warning – This website I will link to talks about graphic things and sometimes with very vulgar language.**

Somehow a while back I came across this website – Transgender Reality – which I found worthwhile to share with you.

The author of the website is very critical of transgender ideology and especially the “brain-sex theory.”  Beyond that, I am not familiar with the author or their other positions.  So why do I share the link?  It is a fascinating site.  Almost every post is a dissection of various Reddit conversations or discussions in other forums about transgender issues.  In a way, most of the posts are testimonies of people looking for help.  Unfortunately I cannot call them hopeful or positive testimonies.

I haven’t read every post, but what I have read is deeply disturbing.  I agree with the author that it is terrifying thinking of youth today who have maybe a slight feeling of gender dysphoria and then having the internet at their fingertips.  The advice given by commenters to such troubled youth is deeply disturbing.  However, as pointed out on the website, not all in the transgender community are represented by such comments.  Many in the transgender community would be as disturbed as I am with the advice given.

What I see from the posts is that it is extremely common for both the posters and the commenters to think that a person is transgendered based on very faulty and offensive gender stereotypes.  In one post, a boy’s past interest in knitting was actually used to bolster his reasoning that he is transgender and in the same or perhaps another post, a lack of interest in cars was also used as evidence.  I’ve talked about this many times myself.  I think much of our gender dysphoria is caused or at least exacerbated by such gender stereotypes.  When we feel like we don’t fit the stereotypes, the solution is not to assume we are transgendered and need to live as the opposite sex.  No!  The solution is to be who are, embrace knitting if you like knitting, and courageously be a man who doesn’t fit all of the stereotypes.  See my post here – An Alternative Method – Integration and Contentment.

I also see in the posts that I am not alone in thinking that much of our crossdressing or gender dysphoria actually stems from envy or jealousy.  There are posts about that at this Transgender Reality website.  It quite agrees with what I’ve written – Crossdressing is about envy.

I was also struck by all of the sexual pleasure attached to the crossdressing by these people who think they are transgender.  I do not think Blanchard’s (and Bailey’s) theory of autogynephilia is perfect and certainly does not describe every person.  See my critique here – Book Recommendation – The Man who would be Queen.  But wow, these posts at Transgender Reality certainly seem to portray a lot of people with autogynephilia who are being encouraged to pursue, and who then do pursue, SRS and a new identity.  I’ve never done any of my own research, so I only have anecdotal evidence.  But the more crossdressers I talk to on this blog, the more websites I visit, the more forum posts I read like this, the more it seems that autogynephilia is real, common, and that a large number of those with autogynephilia are actually calling themselves transgender and living as women.

Last, I was disturbed to see how many commenters on the various posts were making those with gender dysphoria feel like there is no time to wait.  The posters were being pressured in almost every post to start on hormones or prepare for surgery right away.  And the commenters made it out to be that if you don’t act on it right away, you are immediately a suicide risk.  Suicide and depression is common among those with gender dysphoria and we need to be serious about it – see my post here – Suicide Prevalence among Transsexuals and Crossdressers.  But if anything these commenters were only adding depression, anxiety, fear, and suicidal thoughts to these commenters, rather than helping them to manage their gender dysphoria in a healthy way.


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