Counselor Recommendation

For those of you who would like to see a professional counselor about your gender dysphoria or crossdressing addiction or homosexuality, I would like to recommend Jerry Armelli at Prodigal Ministries.  The website is here – Prodigal Ministries.  See my blog post about this ministry – here.

I’ve been talking to Jerry for some time now as well as reading his blog and I can highly recommend him to you.  Even if you are not in the same region as him, you could chat through video discussion online.

For many of us, finding a good counselor is difficult.  Some are not Christian.  Some, even some of the Christian ones, embrace transgenderism and crossdressing as good things to be explored and developed.  Jerry is a Christian and will show you care and compassion while also helping you to heal from this brokenness, rather than telling you to embrace addiction or brokenness.

Jerry also follows this blog, so you can comment below to reach out to him as well.


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