First Things Articles about Transgender

Supreme Incoherence: Transgender Ideology and the End of Law

This is quite simply one of the best articles I have read about the total incoherence, irrationality, and self-defeating nature of transgender argumentation.  It also does a good job at showing the problem with the arguments about bathrooms.


If the Church were a Haven

This article is written by Wesley Hill, a Christian celibate man with same-sex attraction.  He explains the strong need for local churches to be places of safety and welcome and community.  I think this an important article whether talking about homosexuality or transgenderism.


No, God Isn’t Transgender

This article reads almost like a Bible commentary.  The author Gagnon’s main goal is to refute a recent argument made by Rabbi Sameth that the God of Israel was viewed as transgender, and that there are transgender characters in the biblical stories.  He very easily refutes those argument, but in the process he also talks about various forms of transgenderism in the ancient biblical world, and the biblical responses to them.  Sadly, I think many will just believe what they want to believe in order to rationalize their transgender behavior.  People have been reading their own ideas into Scripture all throughout history.


Transgender Conformity

This article gives an analysis of some of the current political issues, especially in schools, regarding transgenderism.  It also gives a summary and history of treatment for transgenderism.  It analyses some of the cultural trends, problems, and worldviews that have led to the transgender revolution in western countries.  The author does a good job of summarizing some of the main problems with transgender ideology.


Gnostic Liberalism

This articles shows how transgender thinking is another form of ancient Gnosticism that was around in the time of the early church as a heresy.  Gnosticism says that the spirit is good, and they physical is bad, and more importantly for the transgenderism issue, gnosticism says that our spirit is who we really are, and our body is just temporal or just a prison.  In contrast, Christianity has always valued our bodies as part of who we are.  They are worthy of honor and they will be resurrected.


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