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I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.  That defines my life.  I live to glorify God and enjoy him.  I look forward to Jesus returning and making this world new, and living with him forever.

I am a man.  I am married to a wonderful wife.  I am a pastor.  I enjoy the ministry very much.  I feel very passionate in my work and get great fulfillment from it.

I have struggled with crossdressing for most of my life, mostly as a fetish, possibly for other psychological reasons as well.  Some years ago I renewed my efforts to give up crossdressing for good, and have been going strong since, though not without periodic struggle.

I am a very deep thinker, and love to think about things in nuanced careful ways.  I like theory and big ideas, more than the details.  I am somewhat of an idealist.  I love studying the Bible, and that shapes my thinking on everything, including this issue of crossdressing.

Since the beginning of September 2011, I stepped up my effort to fight crossdressing and take it more seriously.  I have had very little crossdressing failures since that time.  It is wonderful feeling free!  And I give God all the credit.  Even though it felt like my own effort, I know that it was actually him working in me.  So praise the Lord for what he has done in my life.  It’s wonderful to finally be rid of crossdressing.

Some have questioned why I remain anonymous.  This is a good question (though it puzzles me that it usually comes from crossdressers who are also anonymous).  At some point I envision myself going public and revealing my true identity, but right now I do not think it is the right time.  I’ll let God guide me as to when the time is right.  In the meantime, keep in mind that the things I write about are of a very personal nature and I have revealed even my inner thoughts and past experiences.  I think it should be easy to see why I don’t need my church and all my friends and acquaintances to know all these private (many of them embarrassing) thoughts.  But I share them with you in order to be of help, and many people have thanked me for them.  If you have a problem with me not revealing my name and credentials, you can freely choose to ignore my site!  Preferably though, I would ask that you judge my posts on the content and strength of the arguments, rather than worrying about my background.  This blog is here for your benefit, but I am not claiming that I am a professional expert on these things.  Nor am I setting up this blog as a way to professionally counsel others.  But I hope that you may still find some help from my thoughts and opinions as a fellow traveler who is finding healing from crossdressing.

I go by the name “Thorin.”  Why?  Mostly because before I made this blog I began to comment on other blogs, and it was the name I used.  I originally picked it just because it came to mind quickly as I had just finished reading Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”  It and the Lord of the Rings are some of my favorite books ever.  So there was a randomness to it.  But I appreciate that it reveals my love of Middle Earth!  I also think I am very much like Thorin in some ways.  I am a leader and have accomplished some great things, but I am also deeply flawed like Thorin and do struggle with pride as he did.  Thorin is a good character because he is realistic.  He is imperfect, as I am also.  I am a sinner, saved by God’s grace.

If you have any other questions for me let me know.

To read more about how I view life because of my faith go here – My Perspective.


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58 comments on “About Me – Current

  1. Jared says:

    I am in my 20’s as well, 27 to be exact. We have some things in common. I am very much an introvert, I enjoy reading and watching sports.

    I have always wanted to go hiking. What part of the country do you live in?


  2. Joshua says:

    Because surely GOD wants you to bludgeon these feelings to death; effectively killing a part of you, all for the purpose of glorifying HIM? There are better ways to do honor to GOD. I myself am on the path to ministry but I know in my heart that GOD wants me to LOVE myself and everybody else.


  3. thorin25 says:

    What kind of ministry do you feel led toward? I wonder what you can mean when you talk about not having any idea what the meaning of life is, and saying the Bible is just a book. How can you possibly be thinking about ministry? Unless you mean something other than “Christian” ministry?


  4. dazza76 says:

    what made you want to stop & how did you manage to get through the temptating times


  5. thorin25 says:

    hello Dazza. I wanted to stop because I was convicted that crossdressing is sinful and not pleasing to God. Further, I felt like it was ruining my life, making me depressed, feeling dirty, confused, etc. I see it as perversion and didn’t want it in my life. Lots of things have helped me through times of temptation. I encourage you to read my other posts. Feel free to comment more, thanks


  6. dazza76 says:

    I know these days that cross-dressing is sinful & not pleasing to God, I’ve struggled with it for now 24 yrs of my life, I have tried in the past few yrs to flee from it, I’ve been weak & got back into, but now again, i need to flee from it & reading fron 12 steps to stop


  7. trimiran says:

    I’m just a young christian boy who enjoys wearing womens underwear. So nice! But a guilty sin, I know! I give up,But I start again! HELP


  8. thorin25 says:

    Hello Trimiran, glad to see you found my site. I would love to help you in any way that I can. You have made it to the right place, there are many of us struggling with crossdressing, and we’ve been helping each other find healing and victory over this addiction. Check out my email prayer chain page and feel free to join us. Keep reading my posts, and I’ll pray for you right now


  9. Willium says:

    Did you really stop the addiction? Like have no thoughts on dresses whenever you see them?

    I would also like to find my way back to Jesus Christ, he has been calling me back but sin just keeps dragging me further away from him.

    I have heard about miracles and wonders that Christians have done using the name of Jesus to heal broken bones, restore sight and cure mental illness, would this work on crossdressing minds?


  10. thorin25 says:

    Hello Willium, thanks for the comment. Yes I really have beat the addiction. I am feeling more and more healed from my broken crossdressing past each day.

    There is a lot I could say right now, and I want to encourage you to go to Jesus, and get crossdressing out of your life. But mainly I will encourage you to keep reading my other blog posts.

    I fully believe God still does miracles today, even crazy stuff like healing people’s diseases, but I think those miracles do not happen very often. I’ve heard of many, but never seen one in my own experience. My healing from my addiction to crossdressing is not something I would call a miracle in that sense. But I do believe God is the one who has given me the strength and motivation to get crossdressing out of my life.

    You ask about my thoughts. Yes once in a while, definitely not all the time like in my crossdressing past, I still have a thought about female clothing, or makeup, or even crossdressing. But there are just thoughts that aren’t real problematic. Even less often, I have an actual desire to crossdress, but those desires are pretty easy to resist, because the larger part of me does not desire it. I feel healed from my addiction but that doesn’t mean I won’t still desire crossdressing once in a while. I just have to control myself and not give in during those random times. See this post – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/healing-doesnt-mean-no-more-temptations/

    I will pray for you right now Willium. I encourage you to give your life over to Jesus. He has died for you to take the punishment for your wrongdoing before God. All of us have fallen short before God, some of us mainly just in that we have failed to worship Him and have ignored him all of our lives. Crossdressing is just a very small piece. But Jesus took our punishment we deserve and lived the right life honoring to God that we could not live. By having faith in him, having a relationship with him as our Lord and Savior, all of our sins are forgiven, and we can be in right relationship with God.

    Once we have begun this relationship with Christ, he starts transforming us, cutting sins out of our lives, and helping us to live in obedience to God. And we don’t try to live in the right way just to try to please God. We don’t do it to earn anything. Rather we look at Jesus dying on the cross for us for our salvation, and in gratitude, in thanksgiving, we respond to God. And part of our response of thanksgiving for all we have received in Jesus is giving up sins in our lives. And for us, that includes the perversion of crossdressing.


  11. aw7jc says:

    Hi Thorin. I too am struggling with crossdressing (even crossdressing in public). I am a committed Christian who served in leadership in my previous church and am still in ministry at my current church. I don’t have space hear to give my full story but it is somewhat similar to yours. I went as long as 7 years without any struggle crossdressing or masturbation, but have been dealing with it on and off for the past decade. Honestly I’m at a point where I’ve stopped trying to fight or resist it. I am no longer “white knuckling” the temptation any longer. I will say that less “white knucking” has actually resulted in me doing it more often. Although now I’m spending more time reading his Word, worshiping and spending time in the word and applying the blood of Jesus to my struggle. I will say by focusing more on the true source of my righteousness (the blood of Christ), I’ve started finding that I am able to recover from sin much more quickly and continue what God has called me to do. The more I do what God has called me to do, the less I tend to think about crossdressing. I am still falling into this but believe I am on the right path of depending on Gods grace versus just my effort and will. I will say that one compliction recently occured which does have me a little concered. Recently I ran into a woman at my church (very large church) who helped me at a store that I went crossdressed to the week before. I’m prettly sure recognized me by how she responded to me as my features are very recognizable, crossdressed or not. She didn’t strike me as the condemning or gossiping type but nonetheless this is starting to bring to the forfront to me the possible reality of being exposed. I am currently unmarried and live by myself. I do have an accountability group I attend but I don’t feel close enough to anyone yet to totally open up about my crossdressing and masturbation. I also feel that the Church as a whole puts more of a stigma on Gender variant issues or anything that looks like it could be LGBT related versus conventional sins like porn, alchohol or even drugs (with are most of the issues in my accountability group). I’ve seen the Church be more understanding with these conventional sins and more condeming with issues that are similar to mine. If you have time please pray that I would find a mutually open accountabilty partner that I can trust. Thanks for listening.


  12. thorin25 says:

    Thanks for the comment aw7jc. I certainly hope you do find a good accountability partner. Perhaps try telling one of the guys of the group you are closest to first. I’ve told friends in the past and it has always gone well. They were so ashamed of their pornography that they held no judgment against me for crossdressing. Telling those guys were some of the best decisions of my life. But you have to start with the right person and really talk through it a long time so they understand it.

    You can also consider joining our email prayer chain – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/email-prayer-chain/

    If you’ve read much of my site, you’ll see that I think men of God should not have crossdressing in their lives. I think its an addiction that keeps us in harmful bondage and confusion. And I especially think it holds people back who are ministering to God’s people. Once I finally got crossdressing out of my life, I felt the most free and good I’ve ever felt. My ministry in church got so much better. And God started growing me in many other ways spiritually that would never have happened before when so much of my life was caught up with defeating crossdressing.

    I pray that God would convict you that crossdressing is a sin and that he would give you the courage to decide once and for all to get it out of your life. I pray that he would give you joy in the grace and forgiveness and salvation you’ve received through Jesus. And that God would help you to live for him fully out of gratitude for his love for you. I pray that God would guide you to the right man to share this struggle with so you could have real life accountability and encouragement, someone to speak grace into your life. I will pray right now


  13. aw7jc says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers Thorin. I definitely feel them. I’m at a point where I’m willing to let God change this in me versus me trying to change myself. I believe that I need more than a head knowledge that crossdressing is wrong (I can always reason around it in that realm). I need a Spirit imparted revelation of how He sees it (and I thank you for praying for that). Up until a few months ago I’ve always lived with other people. I believe a lot of my motivation for not crossdressing in the past was driven by the desire to not be exposed and therefore rejected by people close to me who may not understand the true nature of crossdressing. The fear of man always brings a snare which may be part of the reason why now that all the “stops” are removed, this area seems to be coming back with a vengence. Although I have not given up hope as I know sometimes things get worse before they get better and the Word tells me to walk by faith and not by sight (after all God parted the Red Sea to free Isreal when they thought they were at their worst point of defeat). I also believe the enemy works his hardest when we’re closest to our deliverance. I just have to keep seeking God during this time and I believe I will have the victory in this area and I thank you for praying for that.
    God Bless,



  14. Mike says:

    I just saw your website, and will read what you have to say as I feel like i need to get rid of my cross dressing desires. Especially since they have gotten really bad recently. Hopefully, ill read something that will help me resist them for good.


  15. thorin25 says:

    Hi Mike, glad you found my site. I hope some of my posts will help you. Keep commenting and keep in touch. I will pray for you right now that God will give you freedom from crossdressing and take it out of your life. I suggest looking at my email prayer chain page to start, and my page of “most important posts.”


  16. Joel says:

    What was your big change in September of 2011 that helped you finally be rid of it?


  17. thorin25 says:

    Hi Joel, thanks for the question. If you are struggling, I hope my story and posts may be of help to you. As you can see from my story, I fought and fought crossdressing but kept failing periodically. The big change was from a few things. 1. Personal growth in my relationship with God which caused me to take life more seriously. 2. Finding other bloggers online and realizing that I am not alone. Getting help from their tips and thoughts. 3. Realizing that I’ve really been lying to myself about the power of crossdressing, thinking that it is impossible to get rid of. I saw other bloggers successfully getting rid of it, and knew that I could do so as well. I stopped lying to myself, crossdressing lost its power, and I got rid of it. 4. Starting up this blog was helpful for me to get out my own thoughts about why I believe crossdressing is wrong. To fail in crossdressing now is tough because I would have to force myself to go against my own beliefs which I’ve now articulated to myself.

    Blessings to you Joel


  18. BrotherInFaith says:

    hi there,
    i have been struggling with this issue for a long, long time.
    I have been ”fasting” by not giving in to these temptations but this is not a good period of my life, sadly enough. I told God that I would fast every time, but the last 2 times it went totally wrong and by doing so I actually lied to God, which is pretty bad…
    2 people have prayed for me since I have my ”dirty little secret” and the first one told me that I should talk with someone and share my experiences.
    I would be honoured if I could get your email so I could send you a mail once every week or so.

    I would like to hear more from you!

    God bless 🙂


  19. thorin25 says:

    Hello brother in faith! Very glad to hear from you. I would love to talk to you more as well. First, I encourage you to keep reading my posts and the other sites I have linked to.

    Secondly, we have an email prayer chain that you are welcome to join. Then you can not only email me, but have a whole group of guys who will understand you, love you, encourage you, hold you accountable, and pray for you! Check it out here.

    Just say “sign me up” as a comment on that page, if you want in.


  20. Amanda says:

    Is it possible that I can email you? I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask you about but email would be easier if possible. Thank you 🙂


  21. thorin25 says:

    Sure Amanda, I’ll email you.


  22. pm says:

    Hi there. Thanks for this site. I completely understand why you wish to remain anonymous, and I do too. There may be a time when I do not, as for you, but for now I need to reflect on my sin and ask for God’s grace and healing.

    I also pray that you too will not fall back in to temptation – you have set up a site here where many people look to you for inspiration and guidance; so often we set our leaders up on a pedestal with little or no help, so I think we should also pray that you too are strengthened in your resolve to seek Jesus Christ and not lust.

    I have struggled with crossdressing for about 6 years. Hand-in-hand with that is an addiction to porn and smoking (as a fetish). What shame and damage I have brought upon myself. I estimated I have spent over $2000 on this addiction and ruined my fitness and health that God has given me. All for my own selfish advantage and to reach after something false rather than seeking Jesus. I am so ashamed of myself. All this time I have missed out on witnessing God’s glory and only on my own selfish and deeply harmful lusts.

    Dear Lord, please forgive us for our sinful desires and wayward hearts. Lord, I pray for thorin25. Thanks for his resolve and his site; Lord, guard him from temptation. Lord, please guard us from temptation and help us to want your love and deceitful and selfish form of “love” we think we achieve when we dress and/or look at porn. Lord, please renew a spirit of truth and witness in us, so that we can love people in to a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Please help us as we struggle with this sin, I pray. Lord please keep us from the deceit of our wayward hearts and what the world is telling us is ‘right’ – only You, heavenly father, are right. In Jesus’ name.


  23. pm says:

    Sorry, typo in the prayer, should read: (can you amend?)

    Dear Lord, please forgive us for our sinful desires and wayward hearts. Lord, I pray for thorin25. Thanks for his resolve and his site; Lord, guard him from temptation. Lord, please guard us from temptation and help us to want your love and **not the** deceitful and selfish form of “love” we think we achieve when we dress and/or look at porn. Lord, please renew a spirit of truth and witness in us, so that we can love people in to a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Please help us as we struggle with this sin, I pray. Lord please keep us from the deceit of our wayward hearts and what the world is telling us is ‘right’ – only You, heavenly father, are right. In Jesus’ name.


  24. thorin25 says:

    Pm, thank you so much for the comments and the prayer. Sometimes I feel like most of the conversing with people through my blog is with those who disagree with me. I need the encouragement from guys like you! It helps me to keep on doing what I’m doing with this site, instead of just moving on with other things in my life. I am also not immune to temptation or failure myself, so I greatly appreciate your prayers. Sometimes I feel under spiritual attack because the demons know that God is using what I am writing here. They would like to bring me into failure so I give up trying to help others. I appreciate so much your prayers for me, that I would have strength to resist temptation. And I also value prayers for guidance as I write, that God would give me compassion towards crossdressers, that I would be gracious with those who disagree and debate with me, that God would give me time to write, and motivation to do so.

    I hope people don’t put me on a pedestal. I’m just a regular guy. I’m a pastor so I have some theological training, and I have some life experience with this stuff, but that’s about it. And I still do not live perfectly, in life in general, and even in my thoughts from time to time concerning CD crap. I need the prayers, encouragement, and help as well. I’m glad to see you are joining our prayer chain. That is one way that we can all help each other, rather than people seeing only me write. That way people can get prayers and encouragement and advice from other guys too. I’m also hoping that more people will write guest posts for me to put on my blog about this issue.

    Thank you again. Stay in touch.


  25. thorin25 says:

    PM, I’m so sorry to hear about the damaging struggles you have had. Have you given up these addictions right now, or are you still in the midst? Praying!


  26. thorin25 says:

    PM, I don’t want to sound too dramatic in my post. Largely crossdressing is a thing of the past in my life, and I only really think about it for purposes of this blog, other than once in a while a fluke with thoughts that I have to resist, or things I have to resist looking at down the rabbit trail of the internet. But once in a long while the temptations do come, and so your prayers are appreciated.


  27. pm says:


    Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t sound too dramatic. Again, thank you so much for this resource you have put up on the web- God is using it; I appreciate this must be a challenge though.

    I have largely given up these addictions. I say ‘largely’ and not wholly, because it has only been two weeks now – although I have thrown _everything_ away – I know that temptation is strong, even the temptation “just” to look at porn etc; and indeed I have thrown things away before. That said, I am resolved not to dress up again. I have been helped by listening to some great Christian talks via podcast on my way to work as I get stuck in traffic; but I am scared at just how much my heart and eyes can wander.

    As for my history: I am a Christian guy, I used to serve actively in my Church; then I moved, the CDing/porn addiction grew, and I felt dishonest about serving in church. So guess which dwindled and stopped? Alas, it was the serving in the church. I had two coexisting sides: being able to lead a bible study, and lusting after porn and self-fulfilment. I also used to be military; so this sin could be considered uncharacteristic – nobody would look at me and expect me to be crossdressing.

    Then about two weeks ago, I had somewhat of a serious awakening as I realised what I was doing was wholly wrong and led to death. The life I have been given is not my life, although I am the steward of it; the life I have been given is God’s life – after all, this must be true because it is God who will judge me; so I need to be living it for Christ and not for sinful desire. How I have fallen short of His glory. The idea I am wasting the life God has given me. What if my (earthly) father gave me something incredibly precious, and I used it in front of him for disgusting and selfish purposes? Wouldn’t he be disappointed? So how is it any different with our Heavenly father?

    So, thanks for letting me come and join your prayer group. Thanks for maintaining and putting time in to this site, which is helping me and others. I am sorry for the attacks you must come under – perhaps the truer face of this sin – and thank you for the love you have to help other people be brought to Christ.


  28. thorin25 says:

    Pm, well done on 2 weeks! That is a great achievement. Go out to eat or do something else to celebrate! We often celebrate stupid things like football games, or birthday. Celebrate victory over sin, which is far more important.

    However, I am worried that without support in real life, it’s not going to be sustained over a long period. Joining our prayer chain is great. But really I would suggest having at least 1 accountability partner in real life who knows everything about this addiction (in fact just telling someone about this largely diffuses it’s power over you). Having someone who can look you in the eye and ask how you are doing, and what you are doing, is hugely helpful. I am deep debt to my real life accountability partners. Stay in touch. Don’t make the mistake so many guys do. If you fail, and your streak is broken, don’t use that as an excuse to stay away from the prayer chain. If you fail, confess to us so we can encourage you and pray for you, and then start again.


  29. pm says:

    Hi Thorin25-
    I hear you. I do need accountability. Trouble at the moment is I have no close (church) friends who I can be accountable to. This is not a good state of affairs – after I moved to CA, CDing/porn has really torn me away from the Church, to the point at which I have deliberately kept it at arm’s length so I could continue with my duplicity. I know this must change. I think maybe I need to get to a church where I can join a life group or bible study ASAP to commit to.


  30. Mark says:

    i just found your blog after searching on goggle about crossdressing as a sin and I wanted to give my support and also let you know that everything you posted here so far hits the nail right on the head. i also have been a crossdresser for most of my life and as a bible believing individual i want to step this destructive behavior. keep up the great content and thank you for shedding light and truth on this often misunderstood and widely accepted behavior.


  31. thorin25 says:

    Hi Mark, thank you so much for the comment. I hope you keep reading, and feel free to dialogue with me on any of my posts, no matter how long ago I wrote them. Check out my other posts here – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/most-important-posts/
    Also, you are invited to join our email prayer chain, check out the specifics here – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/email-prayer-chain/
    We would be glad to have you!


  32. Ricardo says:

    Hello pastor, iam new to this site and iam so happy I found this site. But I wanted to talk to u more in person maybe through email if you can get back to me, that would be great.


  33. thorin25 says:

    Hi Ricardo, I’m so glad you find my site as well! You may be interested in reading some of my past posts, or getting signed up on our prayer chain of like minded guys who can support you and pray for you. https://healingcd.wordpress.com/most-important-posts/

    I’ll send you an email as well.


  34. jbee says:

    I want to know what you would have to say about helping a man overcome who likes to crossdress and shave his legs and chest mostly because of the physical feeling of a woman’s silky clothes against his skin.. ?


  35. thorin25 says:

    Hello jbee, thanks for the question. I understand that your situation is probably somewhat different from mine, as I wanted to crossdress for reasons beyond the sensual feeling. But I can relate to the sensual feeling as well and wanted to wear those silkly clothes. In full disclosure, I still love it when my wife wears those silky clothes.

    But when a sense of “feeling/touch” becomes so strong that you are willing to do something so countercultural, you have to start wondering if something is wrong with you. I did come to the conclusion that something was wrong with me and my compulsion (and addiction) to crossdress, was not a good and harmless thing, and was not a normal thing. Beyond the sexual pleasure of it, I realized that I was doing it for deeper emotional reasons. I was looking for stress-relief, comfort, feelings of security and many other feelings. I was looking for those things in objects, in clothing, rather than in God or in other people.

    You long for these silkly touches, but why? Perhaps it goes back to your childhood. Perhaps this sense of touch reminds you of something your past that comforts you. I don’t know.

    I don’t know much about your situation, so you can tell me if I’m wrong. But it sounds like you have an unhealthy attachment, compulsion, addiction to “needing” clothing like this. That in itself should tell you something is wrong. These clothes are in control of you, not you in control of them. Whether or not these clothes are giving sexual pleasure and ejaculation, I still would say what you are doing is not good, and sinful, and i hope that God rescues you from this bondage and addiction


  36. New Man says:

    Hi Thorin,

    Remember the guy that insulted you and you wife, came back to you telling you I had given up CDing and had rallied myself to your plight? I just wanted to step by, say Hi and tell you I haven t crossdressed since July 2012, so it has been two years now;) Today though, I watched CD porn a bit. It means I need to come back and read this blog. Happily though, no relapse. It wont surprise anyone that it came at a time where I am pretty frustrated with relationships. Its bad, but I have not gone back to the sin. Fellow brothers, healing is possible. You will still get urges from time to time, but you should come back here if you feel you need it. Even after 2 years, I still get them from time to time. It is harder when I take the wheel back from God.

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  37. thorin25 says:

    Yes I remember. 2 years is excellent! Well done! Once again, I invite you to join our private forum where you can receive the regular help and encouragement and prayer that you need.

    Thank you for your note!


  38. Joey says:

    Hi Thorin,
    I have a similar story to many here. I have been struggling with cding for may years am a christian and am now in a bad place in my marriage. I guess im still struggling with it being a sin. I have stopped for as along as three years and then I end up coming back to it. It is not really sexual for me but a way of feeling happy and takes my mind off of the stresses of that day. It has become a problem with my wife as just recently told of this after 2 years of marriage and she has threatened to divorce me if I don’t stop. Im interested in knowing emotionally how not cding for a long time has affected you.


  39. J says:

    i came across this page tonight. I consider myself a heterosexual man that has been in relationships with women in the past. I am successful at work and am one of the top athletes in my area. However I am an introvert with a major issue. I get intense sexual arousal by wearing women’s clothes and have even acted on fantasies in the last few years including having a professional male to female makeover done, dressing up with another crossdresser who is now transitioning to being a woman and we did stuff together including me giving oral sex to him/her and also seeking out and having sex with transsexuals on craigslist. All the advice I look at says that maybe I’m born with it or gender dysorphia. And that’s what the person that’s transitioning tells me as they constantly send me texts. Telling me to give in, that I’m meant to be a woman. Honestly, I don’t want to be a woman and just want to enjoy my life as a guy. The fantasies always get me and mess with my mind, but when I went to Florida for a week last month with family, I had zero thoughts of this. I enjoyed the vacation and company of my family and didn’t once pleasure myself or think about what it would be like to be a woman or walk around wearing heels. It made me think that I would like to find a great girl, settle down and start a family which I started working on when I came back. I met a girl online, we went on a couple of dates which I think went quite well but then she told me she didn’t want to see me anymore. So now that gives me doubt like if I’m good enough to even be a man..Sorry for the long post, but I’m just venting and hurting a lot. Say a prayer for me. I’d appreciate it.


  40. thorin25 says:

    Joey I highly encourage you to quit crossdressing even if it is not sexual for you. It’s still confusion and bondage and an unhealthy attachment to clothing, instead of getting your emotional needs met through the healthy ways that God intended, such as through other people (like your wife). https://healingcd.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/summary-of-why-crossdressing-is-sinfulharmful/

    Once I gave up CD, my life became much more full of joy, much more free of stress, guilt, shame, identity confusion, fear, etc. It was one of the best things to ever happen in my life emotionally.


  41. thorin25 says:

    J, I will certainly pray for you. Glad you came here and posted. I have so many posts to read that it may seem overwhelming, but I have written alot on why crossdressing is harmful and destructive and good to quit (even if you are not a Christian). This post summarizes my thoughts and links to some other posts – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/summary-of-why-crossdressing-is-sinfulharmful/

    For me life is far better without crossdressing. And making yourself into a fake and (probably grotesque looking) woman, is a very cheap and poor substitute to having a living and breathing wife who can show you affection, talk to you, have real feminine beauty, disagree with you, challenge you, enjoy life with you, have sex with you, etc. etc. etc. Relationships are hard work. But they are what God intended us to have. Having sex with ourselves, does that really seem like what life is all about? Does that seem like abundant life?

    You can stop this addiction before it gets even more out of control. You can get help. You can stop. We are here to help you if you want to join our support group. https://healingcd.wordpress.com/email-prayer-chain/

    I actually believe you could have been born with these feelings, but that doesn’t mean you should act on them, no more then someone who is born with feelings of pedophilia. We have to control our desires.
    Sorry about your bad date. Remember, relationships take a lot of hard work, and don’t expect the first woman you go out with to end up falling in love with you.

    Maybe take some time to give up crossdressing first, enjoy living as a man (without a wife), and learn what it means to live as a healthy man. Maybe that will also help you to become more attractive and ready to date a real woman

    Praying for you


  42. kay says:

    Glad to see you’re keeping going with this blog, Thorin. I am a believer in leadership in my church, and have struggled with CDing off and on since I was 13. It is not sexual for me consciously, though there is some kind of sexual connection in my subconscious, which surfaces very occasionally and which I despise. I do not get any kind of turn on from wearing any kind of female clothing, in fact when I do I just go about my day as usual, with the exception of looking at myself in the mirror. As a visual person this of real interest to me as I can be quite passable, but in finding your site here I have presently stopped to reconsider the whole situation. I will join the email prayer group and see where the Lord leads.


  43. thorin25 says:

    Hi Kay, thank you for all of your comments. I do believe quite strongly that CD can be just as harmful, and just as sinful, for those who CD without masturbation. It’s still gender confusion, it’s still deception, it’s still addiction that controls your life. And when CD is condemned in both the Old Testament and New Testament, it never says its condemned for only sexual reasons. See my posts on Deut. 22 and 1 Corinthians 11 for starters.

    Glad to have you join our prayer group. I’ll send you an email. In the meantime, I hope you will keep reading my blog posts as I talk much about many kinds of crossdressing and don’t believe that most of my posts should be restricted to being only about crossdressing for sexual reasons. It will be interesting to hear your viewpoints, whether you agree or disagree. I’m sure we can have some good discussion as you are now at this point of reconsidering the issue.

    Thank you for your honesty. In our group you will not be condemned for any differing viewpoints and we will support you as you mull over this issue afresh.


  44. Fleur says:

    Hi, I thank you for your website here. It seems very much inline with the beliefs of myself and my husband. We are born again Christians. My husband has ‘come out ‘ that he has cross dressing desires and has cross dressed. He is walking with the Lord to fight this and is going all out for full and long term deliverance. God has been so good to us because he has put a few precious people there to help us, one a pastor ( not of our own church, but another local church) to be accountable to. We are on a journey indeed! My main enquiry is to ask if there is anything out there for wives. I have felt very affected by what is going on with my husband. For some wives I know its a deal breaker for the relationship. I’m staying because I love my husband and because he is fighting it. There needs to be more for wives and with a Christian perspective… Perhaps a page on here? Just putting the idea out there as I have so far found nothing but ‘mainsteam’ information. It would be wonderful to know other wives experinces and how they coped, the feelings they had, what they did right or wrong etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. CD Wife says:

    Hello Fleur,There is indeed a link on here under pages Wives of Crossdressers chat here. Also please check out http://cdwives.tripod.com/id9.html and also do take the time to look at the information pages there. Welcome i’m glad you are looking to take care of yourself and seeking knowledge which is the way forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Andrew says:

    Hello Fleur, I am so happy that you found us and as you search through this blog I know that you & your husband will find many articles that will support your desire to follow Jesus rather than stay in the bondage that is CD.
    Please let your husband know that we also have an email prayer chain that will introduce him to others that have walked where he has walked, done what he has done and thought what he has thought. I look forward to hearing more from both of you in the future. Welcome


    Liked by 1 person

  47. thorin25 says:

    Welcome Fleur! God is so good. Your husband knows the Lord and that is why God is working in him, giving him the desire for change, freedom, and sanctification. Your husband can find freedom because he recognizes CD as sin. Unfortunately it seems most CD husbands don’t reach that first critical point. You are in a very blessed position Fleur. I hope you will continue to listen to, support, encourage, and help your husband in this fight!

    Here is the link to the prayer chain:


  48. Matt says:

    Hi, I am 15 years old and am part of a strong Christian family. I have being struggling with cross-dressing temptations for two years and have let into those temptations several times. I fully realize how horrible my sins are and am desperate to stop before I fall fully into these sins and it is even harder to stop them. I have found your site very encouraging and helpful. Thank you for all your help, In Christ Matt


  49. James says:

    I’m 19 years old and feel that my crossdressing is getting out of hand. It started off around my pre-teen years. I would simply wear women’s underwear, and it was arousing to me. As time went on I discovered the Internet and become infatuated with “boy to girl transformations”. Eventually, that didn’t excite me anymore. Over the years it has continued to progress further and further. I feel like I am aroused all the time, and I need to think about crossdressing. I am currently at the point now that when I’m aroused, I consider being with men and being submissive. I want to completely crossdress and go out in public doing sterotypical female things. I don’t see how I could ever stop these impulses because the desire is so strong. I have tried to control it but I can’t. It literally drives me crazy if I don’t masturbate for a whole day. I just want to be able to redirect my sexual arousal correctly. I’ve longed to have a girlfriend, but have yet to have one due to these desires. I believe it has caused me to be quite introverted and maybe socially anxious. I’m unsure about my future.


  50. thorin25 says:

    You have now seen the escalation that can happen and usually does with crossdressing. It is the same way pornography can escalate into newer and different types of strange fetishes or even acting out in real life through prostitution or rape. See these links for more info on how these addictions form and how they escalate –

    Lots of info at that second site, explore it.

    Right now you might feel futility in trying to give up crossdressing. It’s powerful, like a drug. It feels like you could never quit. But you CAN! You have freewill. You can choose right now to stop crossdressing, and with the right support and help you can really quit.

    You can start here – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/12-steps-to-stop-crossdressing/

    And then keep reading other posts on my site. The more you read and understand, the more tools you will have to fight the addiction, the more you will understand where these desires came from, and how to heal from them. There is real hope for change!

    You could consider joining our prayer group for accountability, prayer, advice, and support –

    I will pray for you right now that God uses this as a new beginning in your life to change your life, draw you to him, and break you out of this addiction


  51. K says:

    James, in a week I will have been free from CDing for a year. It’s not that I don’t think about it, but I took the step of getting involved with the prayer group here, and committed to researching the issue further. I believe The Lord honored that step by actually removing the desire on my part to cross dress. I pray that you can make that kind of small step forward too, just admitting that you have the issue, and that you want to make a change, and ask The Lord for His help, but be ready and willing to follow His leading instead of your desires. It is possible, and He is faithful, and just (1 John 1:9).


  52. CD Wife says:

    Happy Christmas Thorin and everyone. May you all do well in the New Year.


  53. I am the author of one of the articles on sex addiction in your “Resources” and I work with many CD’s. I would appreciate if you could give me a link to http://www.sextreatment.com as a therapist who has extensive experience working with the compulsion of crossdressing. Thank you. Dorothy Hayden, LCSW


  54. thorin25 says:

    Thank you for stopping by Dorothy. I really appreciate it. I would indeed like to link to both your website and your porn no more blog. They look to be very helpful resources for this community of men. I will try to do that in a couple days, but I’m going to read a bunch of your stuff first, so that I can intelligently recommend your sites as I share them. But I will do so as soon as possible.

    Have you read any of my posts? I’d be interested to see if you concur with my thoughts. Though I write a lot from my Christian perspective, I think much of what I say has value to the non-Christian crossdresser as well.

    Some of my longer posts that might interest you:

    Full list here – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/most-important-posts/


  55. Jman says:

    Hey Thorin, this has been an ongoing issue for me since puberty, I felt so alone and fearful if the potential consequences to my actions. I must compliment you on how well you articulate your blog’s, it real helps me define my own problems, and helps me vent my issues (at least to myself). The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is knowing in detail just what that problem is. Thanks, I will continue to read through your posts daily as I find them enlightening and reassuring.


  56. thorin25 says:

    Jman, thank you for the encouraging comment. I encourage you to keep reading through all of my posts, as well as other good articles:

    I’m sorry you feel so alone. In reality, there are thousands of us. And hundreds of us, at the very least, who are actually trying to fight the addiction and give up crossdressing, and find wholeness and peace in our personality and sexuality.

    Please consider joining our prayer and accountability group if you would like more help in giving up crossdressing –


  57. Greg says:

    Is there a active group I can join I don’t crossdress (grew a beard) but still struggle and fail every week it seems by viewing others who crossdress


  58. thorin25 says:

    Indeed, many of us have struggled with the very same thing. Don’t feel alone. You are not nearly as unique as you might feel. You are in the right place. I’m sure God has led you here. We do have an active group. Read the description, and if you are interested, make a comment to let me know that you want to join and I’ll sign you up – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/email-prayer-chain/


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