Email Prayer Group

We have created an email-based prayer group for Christians who are struggling with some sort of crossdressing desires, and for those of us who want to pray for those who are struggling.

If you reply on this page, I’ll get your email address.  (I suggest creating an anonymous email account first).  I will add you to our group.  I’ll send you an email with instructions.   Whenever you want immediate prayer or support when you are having a rough day or are feeling tempted, you just send us an email and we can all pray for you.  This group is also a way to get quick advice or encouragement if you need it.  By joining this group, you’ll get to hear good advice and encouragement from a lot of men besides me.

It’s not easy to find accountability and prayer partners in our real lives with this issue (though I have been blessed with four great men who have done this for me throughout my life).  This email-based prayer group has provided us with an excellent way to support each other in our common struggle.  A whole group of people that understand exactly what you are going through.

This prayer group is intended for Christians and for those who desire to resist crossdressing.  But if you have slightly different views, and still want to join the group for prayer and support, you are welcome to do so.

As more people sign up, I’ll add you to the group.  Again, for your security, I suggest using an anonymous email account.  I look forward to praying for you.

In Christ,

*Please do not post your email in the body of the comment itself. It is important to protect yourself from spam and potential harassment by never publicly posting your personal information (such as your email address) on this or any other blog. Rest assured that I will keep your email address confidential.

304 comments on “Email Prayer Group

  1. Lisa says:

    James, you must pray to the Lord for help. You’re at a dangerous stage now. Where you have gone from cross dressing in you home to presenting yourself in female attire in public. I’m frightened for you not just for the ridicule you will experience but possible violence against your person. You must stop crossdressing immediately before your feelings of wanting to be female escalate further. Please, please think about what you’re doing to yourself. I am praying for you to find the strength to overcome your CD addiction. Good luck James.


  2. James W Johnston says:

    Thanks for your insight. It is very helpful. 😎


  3. John says:

    Great website, I find your posts interesting and helpful.


  4. thorin25 says:

    Thanks John, feel free to dialogue on specific posts


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