Links, Resources, and Testimonies

Please let me know if you come across any dead links, or if you have suggestions for more of other sites to link to.  Keep in mind that I don’t necessarily agree with all of what is written, or all that the organizations believe.


Fellow Fighters Healing from Crossdressing

Vested Interest – “My Struggle with Crossdressing”

My Crossdressing Recovery – Overcoming crossdressing addiction

Overcoming the Crossdressing Addiction

Recovery Dogs

Turncoat – A site dedicated to overcoming the scourge of crossdressing.

Transsexual Anonymous – A blog by a man recovering from transgender fantasy addiction and pornography.  Great resource for those who struggle with transgender feelings.

Manly Transformations – God Heals, with his Truth and Beauty, all Our Disfiguring Vices Even Ones such as Cross Dressing and Transvestic Fetish Addictions.

Quit Crossdressing – Recovering from crossdressing / gender confusion addiction.

Motion Started – Breathing Wanted – Life Without Crossdressing, Transgenderism and/or Gender Confusion.

Comfort in Paradox – Coming to grips with a life colored with emotional and sexual distress.

Recovering Through Faith – The diary and recollections of a recovering sex addict

Algo a mais na Verdade – In Portuguese.  A blogger who gave up crossdressing addiction and turned to Christ for healing.

Prodigal Ministries Blog Testimony – Jerry Armelli’s blog posts about his recovery from transgenderism.

Quitting Crossdressing and how to overcome the Addiction – Crossdressing, stop it before it ruins your life completely

Stop Crossdressing – Blog encouraging others that they can give up crossdressing.




Articles/Videos about Crossdressing, Gender, or Transgenderism

Prodigal Ministries Blog – Christian ministry’s blog about how to recover from transgenderism or same-sex attraction through the power and help of Christ.

“The Man Who Would be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism” – A free book by J. Michael Bailey.  Though the book is very controversial, (and not Christian), it’s thought provoking and helped me to understand myself much better.

The Transvestic Career Path – Interesting article about how one develops into a transvestite or crossdresser.  Talks a lot about the internal marriage that is created where the crossdresser functions as both husband and wife.  Very helpful for understanding what crossdressing and transvestism are really all about.

The Psychpathology of “sex reassignment” surgery – Assessing Its Medical, Psychological, and Ethical Appropriateness.  By Richard P. Fitzgibbons, M.D., Philip M. Sutton, and Dale O’Leary. This is a interesting and convincing academic article about why doing such surgeries is unethical and is actually mutilation.

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood – A free book by Wayne Grudem on the biblical differences between men and women and their roles.

The Transgender Con? Many “Transgender” People Regret Switch – Helpful article talking about people who have detransitioned and why, and it dismantles some transgender ideology.

Body Modification – Article/sermon about body modification in general and how Christians should view their bodies.  Connects various issues together under one theme – transgenderism, crossdressing, tatooing, transableism, anorexia, etc.

Surgical Sex – By Paul R. McHugh of John Hopkins University about the medical ethics of sex reassignment surgery

Joan or John? – Article at The Gospel Coalition about giving pastoral care to a transgendered person.

Law and Grace by Randall Wayne.  Describes one perspective on how to view the Old Testament Law as Christians, which includes Deuteronomy 22:5

Joan or John – A pastor’s response to a transsexual who came to know Jesus

Biblical View of Transgendered People and Hermaphrodites – By Sue Bohlin

Cross-dressing: Does it really matter? – Article by Expose Ministries

Expose Ministries Articles – About 10 articles dealing with the Bible, Christian faith, marriage, crossdressing, and transgender issues.

Are transsexual brains different? – Article examining recent studies about whether transsexual brains are different, and if so, whether it is because of being born that way or because of life experience changing brain structure.

Transgendered Disorders – Sy Rogers who struggled with transgenderism and homosexuality in the past, talks about transgenderism in this video.

Parakeleo FAQ’s – Definition of Crossdressing terms and labels.   Answers to common questions.    Also includes a good explanation of Deuteronomy 22:5.

Sex Change Info – Blog about transgenderism and how getting a sex change is a bad idea.

Transvestism and Gender Identity Disorder in Adults – Academic entry from the Armenian medical network all about crossdressing and transgenderism – definitions, case studies, treatment, etc.  22 pages long.  Some of it is very interesting, some of it may be unhelpful.

He can Never Be She – Book by Gae Hall.  About how her marriage was destroyed by transgenderism.  Also talks about why crossdressing is sinful, how to deal with a husband who crossdresses, and the dangerous effects of crossdressing and transgenderism.

Sex without Bodies – The LGBT movement thinks our bodies don’t matter, but they do!

Psychiatry expert – Scientifically there is no such thing as transgender.

Chloe Jennings-White reveals she wants surgery so she can be permanently disabled – Article about Body Integrity Identity Disorder and its similarities to transgenderism.

Transgender Identity Issues in Psychology – American Psychological Association’s many articles and resources and answers to questions about gender dysphoria and transgenderism.

American Psychological Association – LGBT Publications, Reports, and Resources.

Catholic Online Article – Oh Gender, Thy Name is Legion: The Dangers of the Gender Identity Movement

Gender Bender Madness – Catholic Online Article

Poster Couple for an Anti-Theology of the Body – Catholic Online Article

Gender is Gift – Catholic Online Article

How Common is Intersex? A Response to Ann Fausto-Sterling – By Leonard Sax.  Great article showing the rare occurrence of people being born truly ambiguous in their sex.  I see this article as good reason not to reject the sexual binary of male and female, in contrast to Sterling.

Testimony of Dr. Berger – Stating that scientifically transgendered people don’t exist.  The people we refer to as transgender are people who have feelings of unhappiness because of their sex, but there is no scientific basis for advocating that they should get surgery or special rights.

What is a Transsexual?  – Article explaining Ray Blanchard’s theory about crossdressing and transgenderism.

“Genitalia Are not Destiny” – But Are They Design? – Article showing a biblical argument against transgenderism.

Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal – Shows that men and women are indeed different.

Is Sexual Identity My Choice? – By Pastor John Piper

Counsel for those considering transgender – By Pastor John Piper

Biologicaltheoriestrans – Blog examining research into biological causes for transgenderism.  It shows that brain differences can be accounted for by hormones, and that they are not present from birth.  The blog also examines intersex conditions and explains why they cannot be used to argue for transgender ideology.

It’s a (tbd!) – Article showing the illogical and self-conflicting absurdity of transgender thought.

Crossdressing as an obsessive compulsive disorder – From the book, Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender by Bullough.  Page 352-358.  Highlights the connection between OCD and crossdressing and discusses different medications for treatment.

The OCD/Depression GID Connection –  Personal website discussing crossdressing and OCD connection.

Medication options for OCD/crossdressing treatment – Same website as above.

Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults.

Dysphoria = Dissociation – Blog post by a former trans-woman about the disconnection between person and body in regards to gender dysphoria.

What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner – A simple article articulating a helpful Christian response to transgenderism.

Christians, Be Careful what you say on Facebook – How to talk about transgender issues gently and without hypocrisy.

How Should We Respond to Caitlyn Jenner – Desiring God article about transgenderism.

Is it Okay to Be a Christian and Transgendered? – Article by Desiring God.

Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman is an Insult to Women – Harsh but powerful article about the problem of transgenderism.

Bruce Jenner is Not a Hero – Explores the argument about having a transgender soul.

Bruce Jenner is Not a Woman, He is a Sick and Delusional Man – Harsh but powerful article about strangeness of celebrating transgenderism.

Caitlyn Jenner and Love in the Future Tense – By the Gospel Coalition, about how the Church should face transgenderism today.

The Transgender Triumph – Long informative article about transgenderism’s history in the US.

The Cult of Caitlyn confirms that there is nothing progressive in transgender politics

The Real Christian Debate on Transgender Identity

Celebrating Confusion: The Crisis of Bruce (Not Caitlyn) Jenner

The Price of Caitlyn Jenner’s Heroism – Article about Bruce Jenner and transgenderism.

How to Preach about Bruce Jenner – Article about transgenderism and the Church.

Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon – Analyzing transgenderism from a Christian perspective.

Conservative Politics and the American Religion – Exploring conservatives unwillingness to speak out about the transgender issues.

Transgendered Gnosticism – Discussion of the dualism between spiritual and physical in transgender thought.

Bruce or Caitlyn? He or she? Should Christians accommodate transgender naming? – Discussion of how to speak the truth, but in love and gentleness.

For God so loved Caitlyn Jenner – Article thinking about what names and pronouns to use with transsexuals.

Who is the Caitlyn Jenner of the Transabled? – Article showing the hypocrisy of our culture on the issues of transgenderism and transableism.

Article about Dolezal and America’s Hypocrisy – Article about Dolezal forging her own identity as a black woman, even though she is white.  She is doing something like what transsexuals do.

The Diabolic Logic of Transableism – From the Gospel Coalition.  Showing the links between transgenderism, anorexia, and transableism.

How We Made Too Much of Gender – Article about gender sameness and difference.

He or She? How Should I Refer to My Transgender Friends? – Podcast by Pastor John Piper

Understanding Gender Dypshoria – Christian book by Mark Yarhouse

Child Healing – Gender Identity Disorder

Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender – can you choose? – Article comparing transgender to Body Integrity Identity Disorder

How the Transgender Lobby is Using a Teen’s Death – Article showing the inconsistency of transgender arguments.

“Gender-Sensitive” Catholicism – Showing the dangers of modern gender theories and quotations by various popes on the issue.

Becoming What We Love: Autogynephilic transsexualism conceptualized as an expression of romantic love – Very interesting article by Anne Lawrence, a psychologist and transsexual who gives good explanation about the motivations for transsexualism.

Autogynephilia: A Paraphilic Model of Gender Identity Disorder – Article by Anne Lawrence, psychologist and transsexual, which explains the different types of crossdressers/transsexuals and their motivations.

Transgender woman now transitioning into a dragon – Article showing by analogy illogical nature of transgender arguments.

The men who live as dogs – Article about men who live as dogs, similar types of statements and reasoning as transgendered reasoning.

I was born in the wrong species – Articles about a woman who lives as a cat, making similar type statements and reasoning as transgendered people.

Watch: College Kids Can’t Explain why a Short White Man Isn’t a Tall Asian Woman – Great article and video showing the inconsistency and foolishness of accepting people’s identity based only on their feelings and preferences.

I am an Antelope – Satirical article (over the top) showing the foolishness of transgender ideology and demands.

Woman made herself blind – News article about a woman who purposely blinded herself to fulfill her lifelong wish.  Similar in some ways to transgenderism.

When you Unchain the Earth from the Sun – About a man claiming to be a six year old girl.  Article explores new notions about identity and the chaos that will ensue because of the changes brought about by transgender reasoning.

A Fundamental Right to Personal Recreationism? – Article about personal preference in deciding identity, such as in transgender cases and transabled people.

5 Reasons President Obama’s New Transgender Policy is Foolish – Shows the deeper problematic reasoning in transgender arguments and the potential troubling implications.

NYC Releases List of 31 Genders – Shows how our freedom of speech is slowly being eroded.  It’s not enough for people to be free to live as the opposite sex, other people must believe and view them they are the opposite sex.

Acting Like Men – Great article on what it means to be a man, emphasizing strength and love.

How Should Christians Respond to the Transgender Phenomenon – First Things Article by Robert Gagnon.

Understanding Gender Dysphoria: A Reply to Gagnon – By Mark Yarhouse

What does the Bible say about Transgenderism / Gender Dysphoria / Gender Identity Disorder – Help thorough blog post on the issue.

What the Gospel has to say to Transgendered Persons – Academic and theological perspective on transgenderism.

Freud’s Sexual Inversion Hypothesis and Crossdressing – Interesting perspective on crossdressing even if not all of it is true or helpful.

7 Troubling Questions about Transgender Theories – Excellent article from a Christian perspective about inconsistencies in Transgender theories.

Progressivism’s Fragile Gender Realism – Shows that there are really no logically coherent arguments for transgenderism.

What is gender, anyway? – Discusses various opinions and theories about gender and transgenderism, and shows how little consensus there really is.

Transgender Delusion – Written by a psychologist who wants to help transgendered people without looking at their condition simplistically.

What Does ‘Pangender’ Mean? ‘Intersex’? Watch People Fail Our Gender Identity Test

Am I a Cat? – Swedish Video about the foolishness of claiming we can change our reality through our feelings.

Hanna Lindholm Interview – Discussing Identity and the Cat Video above.

Transgenderism: Blurring the Lines – Four part article by Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family Transgender Series – Six Part Article including discussion of God creating male and female, and discussion of intersexuality.

Transgender Confusion Goes Beyond Elementary School Classrooms – Sensitive look at how Christians should respond to transgender and political issues – Audio Interview of Mark Yarhouse.

Critically Examining the Doctrine of Gender Identity – Video Presentation by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper

Question and Answer Session to Above Presentation – by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper

Making Better Men – Article about masculinity and what it means to be a man.

Nine Attributes of a Real Man – Article about what it means to be a man.

What does it mean for a man to lead his Family Spiritually? – Article about headship in marriage.

Rescuing Warriors from Muscular Christianity – Muscular Christianity may be inappropriate, but there is struggle and war against Satan, sin, and injustice that we must embrace as men.

Having Transgender Parents Will Hurt Kids like it Hurt Me – At the Federalist

Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ is Mass Hysteria Similar to 1980’s-Era Junk Science – Important article about the psychological community conceding to the culture’s views about transgenderism rather than giving those with gender dysphoria the care and treatment they really need.

The Transgender Lobby’s Demands Are Not Civil Rights – Comparison of the transgender cause today to the civil rights cause of African Americans and how they are not the same.

Why We Should Have Seen the Transgender Craze Coming – At the Federalist

Emasculation Trauma and Autogynephilia – One possible theory for how our crossdressing desires developed.

Understanding Gender Dysphoria Book Review Article – At Gospel Coalition



Testimonies of crossdressers, transsexuals, and homosexuals

Randall Wayne’s Testimony – How he gave up a crossdressing addiction through Christ’s help.

My Un-ordinary life – Blog written by a wife of a crossdresser sharing her painful experiences

Testimonies of Deliverance – This is a whole page of links to powerful testimonies of those who have found freedom in Jesus from transgenderism or homosexuality.

Gae Hall’s testimony of having a transgendered husband

Jerry Leach’s testimony about overcoming crossdressing and transgenderism

Andrew Franklin’s Video testimony about Jesus bringing him out of homosexuality.  Talks about his identity as a man.  God uses our weakness for his glory.

Keith Tiller’s Testimony – He talks about his desire to become a woman but instead turned to Jesus.

Sam’s story – He talks about freedom from his past crossdressing and freedom from the desire to become a woman.

Finding Comfort – Testimony of a Christian pastor in the UK who found freedom from crossdressing.

Josh Weed’s testimony about resisting his homosexual desires and being happily married to his wife.

Help 4 Families Testimonies Page – Many testimonies from Christians who struggled with crossdressing or transgenderism.

Sy Rogers – His video testimony about finding freedom from homosexuality and transsexualism.

Sy Rogers – His written testimony called “The Man in the Mirror.”

Sy Rogers – His youtube page called Brave New Day of videos of his speaking engagements.

Perry Desmond (1936-1984) – performer, prostitute, sailor, beautician, occult retailer, pastor – This is an indirect testimony.  A book review about Perry who lived as a woman, but then became a Christian and lived as a man again.

Voices of Change – Whole website dedicated to sharing testimonies of those who have experienced authentic change in sexual orientation.  Dozens and dozens of testimonies.

Sex Change Regret – From male to female and back again.  Website devoted to helping people avoid the pitfall of trying to change gender.

Wesley Hill – “Between Presumption and Despair: Practicing the Virtue of Hope as a Celibate Gay Christian.”  Has amazing parallels and theological truths that apply to crossdressers as well as to homosexuals.

Your Brain on Porn testimonies – Specifically testimonies of those who beat addiction to pornography, including transsexual pornography.

Ricardo Testimony – Christian Testimony of an ex-transvestite prostitute.

Testimony about Ricardo – Written by pastor Jim Cymbala from Brooklyn Tabernacle about the same man as above.

Joide Miranda – “The Intimacy of an Ex-Transvestite”

I Was a Transgender Woman – Walt Heyer’s testimony of being a former transsexual.

Testimony of former transsexual – Don’t know the name.

Gas Mark Six – Painful story of a woman’s relationship to her crossdressing husband/partner.  From a radical feminist blog – not suggesting the blog nor affirming it’s content, but only suggesting reading this one story.

How I found Freedom from Gender Confusion Part 1 – Anonymous testimony about freedom from crossdressing and gender dysphoria.  How I found Freedom from Gender Confusion Part 2.

Decisions about Gender Dysphoria – The Power of Choice – A good testimony about finding freedom from transgenderism, although it’s from a Mormon (I disagree strongly with the teachings of the Mormon Church)

Matt Moore – Website by Christian who experiences same-sex attraction, personal testimonies and helpful articles.

The Story of a Same-Sex Attracted Pastor and Husband – Good video testimony

Interview with Rosaria Butterfield – Former lesbian and atheist who became a Christian.



Pornography and Sexual Addiction Articles and Resources.  Includes tools and ideas to help us resist lust and temptations to any kind of sexual sin.

Your Brain on Porn – Excellent secular resource for understanding sexual addiction and its effects on the brain, and how to overcome the addiction to pornography or masturbation.

Porn no More – Blog by Dorothy Hayden, LCSW, sexual addiction therapist.  Many great ideas and articles to help us resist triggers and temptations to overcome pornography and crossdressing addictions.

Rebooting Basics – Explanation from Your Brain on Porn for beginning steps to conquer a pornography addiction.  The steps would also apply to crossdressing or crossdressing fiction, or crossdressing pictures addictions.

Porn-Again Christian: A frank discussion on pornography & masturbation – Free book by Pastor Mark Driscoll.  Very helpful to read also for those struggling with sexual crossdressing addictions. – Has resources to break free from pornography addiction.  Very helpful to read also for those struggling with sexual crossdressing addictions.

The Porn Pandemic – Helpful video explaining the dangers of sexual addiction.

How Porn Addiction Harms the Person – Short video showing how sexual addiction will destroy every area of your life.

An Overview of Sex Addiction – by Dorothy Hayden

What Is Sexual Addiction? – Series of articles about causes, symptoms, and treatment for sexual addictions by Michael Herkov.

Sexual Sin in the Ministry – By Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg

The Great Porn Experiment – Incredibly insightful video about pornography and its effects on men and our culture, but also talks about addiction in general.  The video applies just as well to crossdressing as to pornography.   TED talk version of same presentation – by Gary Wilson.

Why I Stopped watching Porn – TED Talk by Ran Gavrieli

Pornography Isn’t Your Problem – TED talk by Jason Mahr

Growing Up in a Pornified Culture – TED talk by Gail Dines

Avoiding Sexual Sin Part 1 – Sermon by Mark Driscoll helpful in learning how to avoid temptation and put sexual sin to death.   Part 2 of the video here.

Wired for Intimacy – Video examining the way we are bound to pornography (or crossdressing related behaviors) rather than to a person.  Gets into the neurotransmitters and hormones that are involved.

RAIN approach – Simple and effective tool to resist urges and temptations when they come.

Myths about Addiction – Article about common myths regarding addictions.  I think it relates to the sexual addiction of crossdressing.

Your Brain on Porn tools – Tools and ideas to beat pornography addiction.  The tips and tools would also help to beat crossdressing addictions, or addictions to crossdressing fiction or pictures.

The High Cost of Sexual Sin – Pastor John Piper explains in this audio clip how lust is really caused by our unbelief and lack of faith.

The horrors of addiction – Simple video portraying addiction vividly.

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

You Can Say No to Porn – Article by pastor John Piper

15 Ways to Fight Lust with the Sword of the Spirit – Article by Kevin DeYoung at Gospel Coalition

How to Resist Temptation’s Mirage Moment – Article at Desiring God.

What Every Wife of a Sex Addict Has a Right to Know About Her Husband’s Recovery

The Dead End of Sexual Sin – Article by Rosaria Butterfield about conquering sexual sin in our lives.

Create a Porn-Free Environment – Article at about eliminating pornography triggers from your home and workplace.

Get an Internet Filter Now! – Article at

Dealing with those Damn Cravings – Article at about how to handle the temptations to pornography in the moment.

What to do when you want to quit porn – Article at about the beginning steps to beating a pornography addiction.

Sex Addiction Treatment – Sexual Addiction Therapist Dorothy Hayden, LCSW and many great articles to read about overcoming sexual addictions such as pornography or crossdressing.

Can Pleasure in God Really Compete with the Pleasures of Porn? – Article at Desiring God.

Four Steps to Kill Nagging Sins – Article at Desiring God.

Has My Sexual Sin Made Me Unsavable? – Article at Desiring God.

America’s Lost Boys – Boys addicted to fantasy of video games and pornography today.

Seven Things to Do After You Look at Pornography – Article at Desiring God.




Ministries and Organizations

Celebrate Recovery – Excellent recovery organization similar to 12 step programs, but focused heavily on Jesus.  Excellent curriculum for fighting addiction.

Sex Addicts Anonymous – 12 Steps to overcome sexual addiction.

Sexaholics Anonymous – Overcoming sexual addiction.

First Stone Ministries – Christian organization that helps people overcome sexual brokenness and addiction, including homosexuality, sexual abuse, pornography, and crossdressing.

Stand To Reason – A Christian organization with many helpful articles about the Christian faith, homosexuality, and other ethical issues

Help 4 Families – Christian organization trying to help those struggling with gender identity disorders, and their families.  Many links to support groups.

Expose the Lie – Website of an organization that reaches out to wives who have been impacted by their husbands’ crossdressing or transgenderism.

The Gay Christian Network – Christian organization working with those struggling with LGBT issues, and promoting better dialogue among Christians with differing views of these difficult subjects.

Narth – Professional Scientific organization trying to help those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality.  They also seem to touch a bit on transgender issues.

Parakeleo – A Christian ministry seeking to uphold biblical values to the transvestite, transsexual, and transgendered person.

Desert Stream Ministries – A safe place to find healing for sexual and relational brokenness through Jesus.

Genesis Counseling – To help people in recovery with sexual addiction, homosexuality, and other sexual problems.

One by One – A ministry that educates and equips churches to minister to those who desire freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction, sexual addiction, and the effects of sexual abuse.

Mastering Life – Teaching people how to heal from sexual brokenness.

Sy Rogers Communications – Website of Sy Rogers, speaker/minister who struggled with homosexuality and transgenderism.

Lead on Lord – Support group for wives of crossdressers.

Forum for crossdressers wives – To vent, give advice and support

Prodigal Ministries – Christian organization that seeks to help people with sexual addiction or transgender issues.

Healing for the Soul – Christian organization that helps those with sexual addiction or unwanted same-sex attraction.

Be Broken Ministries – They seek to help people break free from sexual addiction and find healing by God’s grace.

Pure Desire Ministries International – They help people break free from sexual addiction.

Pure Hope – They help people pursue sexual purity and work against sexual exploitation.

Hope and Freedom – Works to set people free from compulsive sexual behavior.

Operation Integrity – Christian organization helping people to overcome addiction using 12 step literature.

XXXChurch – Wonderful Christian organization seeking to help people conquer pornography addiction.  Lots of great resources and testimonies at their site.


Other Resources and Articles – About theology, homosexuality, music, books, etc.

Bible Gateway – For reading the Bible

Not that Kind of Homosexuality – Examining the common but bad argument that Paul was condemning a different kind of homosexuality than ours of today.

How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go – One of the best articles I’ve read about how to talk to critics about our belief that homosexual behavior is immoral.  Gets into presenting the Christian faith, as well as issues of bigotry, intolerance, etc.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ and the Gay Christian – By Stephen Black

Freedom Video – First Stone’s freedom video.  Good thoughts about recovering from homosexuality, and what healing from sexual disorders really means.

A Christian Psychology of and Response to Homosexuality,”  by professor Sam Williams.

The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships – By Tim Keller.  His article can help us think through issues of crossdressing and the Bible as well.

When Even Joel Osteen is Treated as a Bigot – Great article about responding to the issue of homosexuality as Christians.  About objective truth, Christian faith, judgmentalism, etc.

Jesus, Make me the man you want me to be – Great song for asking God to help us live into our identity as men.

This is how it feels to be free – Great song about being free in Christ, forgiven for our sins, and having power over sin.

Victory – Song by Yolanda Adams.  Powerful song to help you realize your victory in Christ over sin.

A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality – By William Lane Craig.  Discusses moral relativism, truth, and the Bible’s commands.  The principles he discusses apply to crossdressing as much as to homosexuality.

You are Beautiful – Mike Young Spoken Word

Spiritual Warfare – Sermon by Tim Keller, helpful ideas for resisting Satan’s schemes to accuse us and tempt us.

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – Book by Rosaria Butterfield about her journey from being a liberal feminist lesbian to becoming a Christian.

Openness Unhindered – Another book by Rosaria Butterfield about sexual sin and identity in Christ.

Spiritual Friendship: A Gay Christian Perspective – Video of Wesley Hill

The “Ex-Gay” Movement – Video of Justin Lee.  Don’t agree with all of it, but it’s a good critique.

Gays and Christians: Building Bridges – Video of Justin Lee.  Good ideas for dialogue even when disagreeing.

Writing in the Dust – Tumblr site of Wesley Hill, Gay Christian Theologian.

Spiritual Friendship – Blog by Wesley Hill, Gay Christian Theologian, about celibacy and friendship.

The Perilous Sin of Affirming Sin – Great Article by Matt Moore about Christians affirming homosexuality today

Secret Sin Will Devour You – Article by Matt Moore about bringing sin into the light to a trusted friend

Church Discipline Saved My Faith – Article by Matt Moore about the value of church discipline.

I am not a Homosexual – Article by Matt Moore about not claiming our sinful temptations as part of our identity.

Are LGBT People Being Damaged by Traditional Christian Teaching? – By Matt Moore

Is Same-Sex Attraction a Sin? – By Matt Moore

Making Sense of Scripture’s “Inconsistency” – Great article by Tim Keller showing how Christians should interpret the Old Testament Law.

7 comments on “Links, Resources, and Testimonies

  1. Dramaking55 says:

    Thorin thank you for adding my blog and linking to it. Now I will have to start writing again but anyone is welcome on the journey.


  2. thorin25 says:

    which one is yours Dramaking?


  3. Jim says:

    Thanks alot for all these great resources which I plan to link to. I am creating a new blog with a few of my thoughts about this awful scourge.


  4. thorin25 says:

    Hi Jim, thank you for the comment, looks like you have a good site getting started there. I may not get a chance to look at it for a few days, but I promise I will soon!


  5. Joide Miranda is a brazilian pastor author of “The Intimacy of An Ex-Transvestite”. In this book, he recounts important events that influenced his life story, from his parents’ marriage, the time in which he lived in the state of homosexuality, his involvement with prostitution and drugs, until his conversion to Christianity and his marriage to Edna Miranda. It is simply a moving story of restoration and improvement. Currently, Joide is full-time pastor and is dedicated, along with his family, to his ministerial calling telling everyone his testimony of life and helping others who also wish to leave the state of homosexuality.


  6. Andrew says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is my belief that we need more success stories like this to understand that change is absolutely possible. Please continue to share with all of us.


  7. thorin25 says:

    Very encouraging video, thank you!


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