List of all my Blog Posts

This page shows every blog post I have ever written.  They are not in chronological order.  You can read all the posts in chronological order by going to the Blog Archives on the right hand panel of my web page.  For this page I put each blog post into just a few general categories.

These 12 categories below are different than the more than 50 categories that are tagged in the blog posts.  For example, I have tags like – clothing, culture, dreams, transgender, etc.  Every blog post I’ve written has multiple category tags.  You can do a search for posts by category tags on the right hand panel of my web page.  On this page I wanted to organize the posts differently so that the most important posts can be seen more easily.

In each category, I’ve put the posts I think are most important in blue.


Blog Post Categories – Click on a Category to go there

Stopping Crossdressing
Caring for Crossdressers and Transsexuals
The Harm of Crossdressing
Biblical and Theological Posts
Dealing with Temptations
Dealing with Failures
Learning to Accept Myself as a Man
Understanding Transgender
Progress Reports
Culture and Crossdressing
Random Posts to Links or Resources



Stopping Crossdressing

12 Steps to stop Crossdressing
An Alternative Method – Integration and Contentment
I Quit Crossdressing and I am Happy
Get an Accountability Partner
How do I tell my wife, a friend, or a pastor about my crossdressing?
Importance of Affirmations
We are not alone
What kind of crossdresser are we?
Choosing crossdressing or sex
“Crossdressing will always come back later”
Is behavior determined by biology?
Treatment for Transvestism
Treating transvestism
You have a choice
Myths about Addiction
Sad Search Term
Healing is Possible
OCD connection to crossdressing
Change is possible!
New Year – You can get crossdressing out of your life!
Testimonies of Deliverance
New links – Uplifting testimonies from past crossdressers


Caring for Crossdressers and Transsexuals

Giving Pastoral care to a crossdresser or transgendered person
Suicide prevalence among transsexuals and crossdressers
Talking to a transsexual
Article – The Role of a wife in your recovery
Are there narcissistic roots in transsexualism?
Really helpful links about judging, tolerance, homosexuality, immorality


The Harm of Crossdressing

Summary of why crossdressing is sinful/harmful
How Sexual Addictions Destroy Our Lives
Crossdressing is like pornography
Crossdressing is about Envy
My Addiction to Crossdressing Fiction
Becoming the woman my wife is not
They are just clothes right?
Crossdressing without sexual component
Guilt is an achievement!
Clothing won’t make me a complete person
Afterglow of crossdressing versus sex
Crossdressing and the Lord of the Rings
Creating your own false reality
Deeper reasons for crossdressing
Crossdressing never satisfies
Fool! You will be caught!
Don’t force your wife to act as a lesbian
Narcissism = Crossdressing
Ignore pain to crossdress
Is crossdressing flattering to women?
Crossdressing and female sexual objectification
Disturbing Quote
Crossdressing desires because of detachment?
Being rejected by women
Necessity of a Mirror
The Suppression of Crossdressing Guilt
New Link added – wife of crossdresser
New link – hurt wife of crossdresser
Helpful link about believing that crossdressing is wrong
Published Study – Impact on wives of MTF husbands
Interesting “House” Episode
Article about Sexual Sin
Sexual Addiction Explanation and Resources
An overview of Sex Addiction – Article
Sexual Addiction Therapist and websites
Quotations from the book – Divine Sex
Freud on Crossdressing
Crossdressing Demands Sacrifice of Self


Biblical and Theological Posts

How to Interpret the Bible
Deuteronomy 22:5
1 Corinthians 11:2-16 Prohibits Crossdressing
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Psalm 139
Can God deliver me from crossdressing?
But I was Born with these Desires
Church’s Response to homosexuality, crossdressing, transsexualism
Crossdressing can become idolatry
Masturbation, good or bad?
2 Samuel 13 – A love/hate relationship with crossdressing
Psalm 119 – God’s Commands Bring Freedom
Helpful Bible Verses 1
Telling the Truth
Helpful Bible Verses 2
Helpful Bible Verses 3
Helpful Bible Verses 4
Helpful Bible Verses 5
Don’t follow your heart
Helpful Bible Verses 6
Christians aren’t inconsistent with the Old Testament law
Helpful Bible Verses 7
1 Corinthians 16:13-14
Helpful Bible Verses 8
Helpful Bible Verses 9
Helpful Bible Verses 10
Helpful Bible Verses 11
Helpful Bible Verses 12
Helpful Bible Verses 13
Helpful Bible Verses 14
Dress-up in a Different Way
Isaiah 3 and female clothing/accessories
Helpful Bible Verses 15
Is Scripture Inconsistent?
Christmas Meditation on Incarnation and Gender
Helpful Bible Verses 16
May her breasts satisfy you always
Sermon on Deuteronomy 23 and Transgender
Lessons for us from King David
The Incarnation – Hebrews 2
Put the “cross” into “crossdressing”
How do we know what is true? Is crossdressing sinful?
What homosexuality can teach us about crossdressing
Give up crossdressing for lent
Living in our resurrection hope
Nocturnal Emissions vs. Masturbation
How Satan tempts us to crossdress
Encouraging Video – Positive view of the church


Dealing with Temptations

Healing Doesn’t Mean No More Temptations
No More Half Measures
Our temptations should lessen over time
One way to lessen temptations
Stay Strong this Halloween
I won’t put on that Apron
Video Games are helpful
Playing a female character in video games
Imagine my wife crossdressed
Fighting temptations by imagining myself crossdressed
Lifting weights and becoming muscular
It’s Halloween time. Beware of crossdressing
Crossdressing and Curiosity
Grow a Beard!
Resisting temptation during trips
Get a Hobby
Apocalyptic Crossdressing
Be Prepared for Battle
Be Strong for Halloween
I will not google that
Take a nap when tempted
Don’t Suppress your Desires
Fasting can be a good recovery tool
Practical Steps to Kill a Porn or Internet Crossdressing Addiction
New link – what does healing mean?
Avoiding Sexual Sin
Need Faith to Combat Lust
15 Ways to Fight Lust with the Sword of the Spirit
You Can Say No to Porn – Video/Article
Beware Photo Apps and Editors!
A Few More Practical Tips
God gives me physical warnings against sin
Be Aware of God’s Presence


Dealing with Failures

Progress Report 1-30-13 – How I successfully fought temptation…but then failed
Resentment, Compromise, and Escalation = Failure. Yet, I Rejoice in Christ!
Persevere! It’s going to be a long struggle
10 Minute Relapse
No Condemnation


Learning to Accept Myself as a Man

Gender Sameness and Difference
Looking in the Mirror
Differing approaches to understanding sex/gender
Learning to lust properly
Gender Identity Quizzes
Good resource – “In Search of Unification”
Fearing femininity?
Changing my views on sex differences
The Good in crossdressing
I Want to be Beautiful
The role of the Father in crossdressing development
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Barbies going off to war
The Life of a boy
Male and Female Brains
Articles on Manhood
Acting Like Men – Article
Steven Pinker on the Biology of Sex Differences


Understanding Transgender

Book Recommendation – Understanding Gender Dysphoria
Book Recommendation – God and the Transgender Debate
Transabled and Transgender
Race and Transgender Issues
Ricardo testimony – And labeling/terms
Intersexual conditions – There is still a binary
The myth of “choosing to be yourself”
Analogies to Transgender
Are we really all the same?
My response to advantages of cd husband
Video – Being transgender is not the same as intersex
The Inconsistency of transsexuals
Question I have for you crossdressers
No Such Thing as Transgender?
Desperately longing to be disabled
Being born transgendered nonsense
Feminist Links Critiquing Transgender Ideology
“Transgender Tropes 101”
Helpful link explaining transsexual types
Detransitioning and Regret
Transgender in the Media
Gender Dysphoria and Dissociation
What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner – Article
Many good articles on transgenderism and Jenner
More recent articles on Transgenderism
Transgender and Schema Therapy
Making too much of Gender?
He or She? How Should I Refer to Transgender Friends?
Book Recommendation – The Man who would be Queen
The Man Who Would Be Queen – Free Online
Article comparing Transgender to Body Integrity Identity Disorder
Article – Joan or John?
Article – Surgical Sex
Transsexuals accepted because of Appearance?
Anne Lawrence – Resources – Autogynephilia
New link – View of Gender identity disorders
New links – On transsexuals / hermaphrodites
Links added – Thoughts and articles about crossdressing and transgenderism
Powerful academic paper on sex reassignment surgery
Are transsexual brains different?
Link – Interesting post about transgenderism
Article – The Transvestic Career Path
Catholic Articles on the Gender Identity Movement
Some interesting blog posts
What do you think about these posts?
John Piper on Transgender
“Genitalia are not destiny” – But are they design?
Biological basis for transgenderism?
“It’s a (tbd)!” – Article about transgender
Link – Accepting a trans identity only makes dysphoria worse
Child Healing Gender Dysphoria Link
Transgender Arguments are often logically contradictory
Catholic Views on modern gender theories
Testimony of Dr. Berger
Book recommendation – He can never be She
Deeper issues Behind the Bathroom Debate
Christian Responses to Transgender
Articles Critiquing Transgender Ideology
Three Interesting Videos about Identity
Articles – Christian Analysis of Transgenderism
Articles about Transgender – From The Federalist
Strange Parallels to Transgender Ideology
Critique of the Doctrine of Gender Identity
Interesting Link – Transgender Reality
First Things Articles about Transgender
Harvest USA – Recommended transgender posts
Random Interesting Articles Critiquing Transgenderism
Walt Heyer’s Video Interview
Gospel Coalition Articles on Crossdressing / Transgender
Cultural Inconsistency


Progress Reports

Progress Report – 9-29-11
Progress Report – 10-6-11
Stayed Strong through Halloween Season
Progress Report – 11-11-11
Progress Report – 11-29-11 and dreams
Progress Report – Celebration and a change
Progress Report – 1-2-2012
Progress Report – 1-30-12
Progress Report 4-2-12
Progress Report 5-11-12 Surprising Change
Progress Report – Woman in video games
Progress Report – 6-26-12
Progress Report 8-14-12 – Interpreting Dreams
Progress Report – 1 year of victory!
Progress Report – Stupid High Heels
Taking a short break from blogging
I’m Back
Progress Report 11-25-12
This blog versus being a pastor
I Hate Costumes
Taking a short break
Back to blogging again
Progress Report 5-2-15


Culture and Crossdressing

Too much time on our hands
Does crossdressing stem from patriarchy?
Is crossdressing funny?
Nail Polish for Men?
Aprons for men?
Video in the News – Male Grooming Changes
News – Child’s Gender revealed
News – Using Gender Identity Disorder as a defense
News Article – Transgender Americans take on New York
Article about freedom of LGBT and freedom of religion
Interesting article – America in Transition
Makeup for men?
Does what we wear to church matter?
Crossdressing inherently sexual?
Saddened by this news article
Normalizing adult-child sex
No More Gender? A foolish experiment
Spoof Article
Tolerance and Freedom
Woman makes herself blind


Random Posts or Links to Resources

New link page
Don’t Poison Yourself
A new fellow fighter’s blog
New link – transsexual anonymous
Gay Man happily married to his wife
Sexual Addiction blog resource
The Gospel According to Jesus Christ and the “Gay” Christian?”
Some added links
New blog to help end crossdressing addictions
Is the family research council a hate group?
Song – Make me the man you want me to be
Some helpful links for husbands/wives
New blog of someone giving up crossdressing
Found a new blog of someone resisting crossdressing
The Great Porn Experiment – Very enlightening video
Recommend reading my friend’s post
New fellow fighter added
New Testimonies Links
Encyclopedic resource on transvestism
Thankful for a new fellow fighter!
The hypocrisy of some in the LGBT community
A Christian perspective on homosexuality
Song – This is how it feels to be free
New fellow fighters and links!
Our bodies matter! Good article
Interesting article about Ex-Gays
Eroticization as a Coping Method
Norwegian Videos – Nature Versus Nurture
Maybe an interesting book?
Friend has gone almost 3 years without CD
Views of Homosexuality in Ancient Rome
Some new links – Sy Rogers, APA articles
Blog of someone giving up crossdressing
Gay Christian Speaker – Wesley Hill
New Blog – Stop Crossdressing
The Blog I find MOST helpful
Standards of Care – WPATH
Your Brain on Porn!
Wired for Intimacy
Freedom from Porn links, and organizations
Is addiction to sexual sin unforgivable sin?
The Porn Pandemic
Not that kind of homosexuality (and transsexualism)
The horrors of addiction
The holistic response to addiction – article
Interview with a former lesbian atheist
New book that looks helpful
The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships
Rosaria Butterfield on Homosexuality, Sexual Sin, Identity in Christ
Resisting Temptation’s Mirage
Testimony of Former Transsexual
Painful Story about Dealing with a Transgender Partner
Videos on the Serious Danger of Porn
Starting the Year with Hopeful Testimonies
Good Articles on Homosexuality
Desiring God versus Sexual Sin
Prodigal Ministries Blog
Emasculation Trauma and Autogynephilia
Counselor Recommendation
Articles on Homosexuality from Desiring God
Nashville Statement by CBMW – A Coalition for Biblical Sexuality
Pornography Articles from the Gospel Coalition
Harvest USA – Recommended Organization
Desiring God Articles on Pornography


8 comments on “List of all my Blog Posts

  1. JG says:

    I have struggled with CD all my life . I was always ashamed of my desired and fantasies, and in truth they robbed me of the joy of masculinity and deep intimacy with a woman . It also held me back from achieving my full potential in my professional and social life . In summary over coming the negative impacts of my CD desires and the damage they cause is my core of my life’s mission as a human being.

    I know everyone is different and I can only speak for myself , that said I see so many similarities between our stories. The crowning failure in both cases seem to be finding and marring women who do not have highly charged sexual and emotional interest on us as men . I believe we select these type of woman subconsciously as it validates our rational for CD activities continuing .

    I don’t dress , but I fantasies , and pretend to be female on Facebook and i masturbate to pictures of beautifully dressed women in glossy magazines, imagining I looked like them . I have no physical relationship with my wife , and have a burning desire to be have a truly loving and intimate relationship with another women …

    The most powerful book I have ever read , which changed my paradigm was “No More Mr Nice Guy” . I know fully understand personal shame , how I hide MU true self behind my fantasies , believe that my needs were not valid or worthy , because I had put women on a pedestal to be loved and adored from a far …like the leaper touching Jesus’s garment…

    I need a male buddy , a friend who will walk some of this recovery journey with me ….



  2. crosswiser says:


    I relate very much to your story and I have also read the very good book you mentioned. Until I started going to sexual compulsion support groups, my behavior was very much like yours as that is what I had done most of my life as a substitute for the real dressing itself, when I wasn’t doing that. In addition to not dressing, I have now made a decision to avoid using fashion magazines or catalogues as stimulating material. Although, once in a while I will glance at a cover or an ad but I will not linger and I do not peruse the magazines anymore online or in magazine racks.

    Thorin’s blogs as well as the many others he links to have been a tremendous help to me as I hope they will for you. As Thorin will probably mention, there is a prayer e-mail group which you can join for ongoing support, so I hope you will do that. I’ve been involved in some men’s groups in the past which have been of great support to me also. Certainly, my seeking God for help has really made a huge difference in my ability to maintain abstinence. I will be happy to support you in any way I can, as I know Thorin will. Stay in touch and keep reading and posting.

    Also John


  3. thorin25 says:

    Thank you both Johns for your comments. I apologize for not getting back sooner. I only check my blog once a week now. John’s comments just above are very good. I do suggest joining our email prayer chain if you so desire. Other than that, there is an abundance of material for you to read, of my own, and other blogs and websites and testimonies I have linked to. Have a look around.

    You are not alone. We can walk this journey with you. I will pray for you today.


  4. Michael26 says:

    I read your recent email about changing the webpage. So I decided to take a look. . . it’s great! For someone like myself, if things don’t seem practical in their lay out – referring to your new post lay out – it easily becomes a big discouragement. This layout is much more “practical” for me, and there’s less of an “impedance” to want to look and read at your posts now. Thank you !! ; )


  5. Patrick says:

    I have ocd. I started out crossdressing when I was 7 years old. I will be 45 soon!
    What I have excited sexually problem. Along with my ocd bothering me all of the time. I do try to suppress it, but then it just comes back to me even more harder for me to deal with it. Please help me find away out of this mess I am in. Thank u


  6. thorin25 says:

    Patrick, perhaps you were referring to this post about OCD –
    I don’t know enough about it, but you might want to talk to a psychologist and get some medication, that could help both with the OCD and sexual compulsions. It is worth a try and could totally change your life!

    I also recommend giving your life to Jesus, and then you will have meaning in life.

    If you want a support group –

    praying for you now for God to give you freedom and joy in him


  7. hidden name says:

    WHey does the link for the ’10 minute relapse’ article, from your most important posts page send me to a wordpress login screen?


  8. thorin25 says:

    was an error. ill fix it now, thanks for letting me know!


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