Wives of Crossdressers Chat

This page was made upon request, for wives of crossdressers to have a place for discussion. There are other forums for crossdressers’ wives on the net, and I’ve linked to some of those on my links page. This page is intended to be a place where wives can support one another, give advice, pray for one another, and discuss these complicated issues. Since there are other general forums out there, this page will be mainly intended for those wives who view crossdressing as sinful or unhealthy, and for those wives who are Christians.  But all wives of crossdressers should feel very welcome to comment and discuss here.

I cannot add a forum into my site, so you will just have to comment and reply as one long thread. If you are a new user, I usually can approve you within a day or two.  I hold all email addresses with confidentiality, but for those of you who are rightly worried about security and anonymity, it’s easy to make a new email address with anonymous names, which you could do before commenting here.  If you have ideas about editing the description above, or have other ideas for this page, let me know.

I highly suggest you read this post which is for people trying to help those struggling with crossdressing, with a special long section especially directed to you wives – Giving pastoral care to a crossdresser or transgendered person


*Please do not post your email in the body of the comment itself. It is important to protect yourself from spam and potential harassment by never publicly posting your personal information (such as your email address) on this or any other blog. Rest assured that I will keep your email address confidential.

922 comments on “Wives of Crossdressers Chat

  1. TattooedPrincess says:

    That’s fine. I’m fully aware of the relationship I’m in and consider myself as an ally to the LGBTQ community. Im on my way home from the Against Me! Concert as we speak, look up Laura Jane Grace.

    To be honest, I was very disheartened reading the comments in this thread. I was hoping there were also more open minded and welcoming followers to this group.

    I am also a strong Christian woman with 12+ years of a catholic school background. I feel like possibly the age gap between myself and the other women on this site may contribute to the different views on it.

    Thank you for approving my post. As I stated, I’d love to find someone in a similar situation. And if anyone stumbles upon this with matching views, I’d love to chat. Or if any CD’s need a supportive person to reach out to. 🙂

    Thank you!


  2. CD wife says:

    I’m glad you are happy but please note the nature of this site. There are plenty of supportive sites you can join and so can the CDs if they wish to.
    As the title suggests we are here to either heal from Crossdressing or to support the wives affected by it.
    Age has nothing do with it.


  3. TattooedPrincess says:

    Yes. I understand that. And I am the wife of a CD. Which is why I even posted.

    I really don’t understand the concept of healing from it. Why would you ask someone to change who they are?

    I would think wives would be looking for ways to support their husbands.


  4. CD wife says:

    Because in my case i was not told the truth in the first place and when i found out it was my right to voice how i felt which was i would not tolerate this abnormal behaviour.
    We are not here to argue if you want to meet like minded people you will not find them here.I suggest you might like to find a site where you will be comfortable sharing with people who share your views and CDs who will appreciate your support.


  5. thorin25 says:

    TP, I’d argue that the people in this group are very open minded. If you read their comments, most of them tried to encourage their husbands in his crossdressing at first, only to realize later how destructive of an addiction it really is. And they are open minded enough to consider not going with the majority culture on this one, the culture which wants to celebrate and bless confused minds and addictions. They have shown tremendous courage in going against the grain, because they believe that the culture is not with the truth on this issue. Much more open minded than the people who shout insults at these women for not accepting the activity, without really thinking it through and why these activities are harmful. It’s easy to accuse these women of not being open minded, but they have heard both sides. Have you? I encourage you to explore my site and read my posts so that you can also be open minded and hear both sides.

    These wives here are supporting and accepting their husbands to be themselves, to accept their real selves, as real men, instead of encouraging their husbands in delusions and fantasies and trying to escape from real life.

    You might be interested in reading these posts to get an idea of why people like me need “healing” and why we need to accept our true selves as men, and why crossdressing becomes such a harmful addiction. If you are willing, read them and tell us what you think.



    Thank you, may God guide you and your husband on these difficult topics


  6. Lisa says:

    Hi CD wife. Hope you’re well. I’m married now. Came back off my honeymoon two weeks ago. Oh and also I’m pregnant.


  7. TattooedPrincess says:

    I appreciate your links and skimmed through. I apologize but I do not think we think similarly.

    I see nothing wrong with him dressing feminine. It’s no different than women being sexy wearing their man’s t shirt. I fully support and encourage him to expand his cross dressing. We go shopping together, I purchase him clothes every time (his new dress from Torrid arrived last night!), we go to sephora and pick out new products for us.

    He isn’t interested in transitioning. He’s my husband. He fills that masculine need for me. It has opened up all kinds of new doors for our relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

    I understand being upset if they were not open with you in your relationship. He told me before we even met in person, so it was never an issue for us. His feminine side appeals to my bisexual nature so I really have nothing negative to say.

    I hope you guys and girls all find what works for you. God bless.


  8. CD wife says:

    Lisa i’m so excited for you HOORAY !!!! XXXX Married and pregnant how wonderful. I know this is anonymous but i so wish i could see you and some photos. .
    I’m sending all my love for a happy life for you all . Please keep in touch here and tell us how you are getting on. You are an inspiration darling.


  9. CD wife says:

    Lisa i was so excited for you when i read your post i forgot to say congratulations !!!!!


  10. Lisa says:

    CD wife, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very happy with life right now. I hope and pray that all the wives whom comment on this wonderful site can find happiness again.


  11. CD wife says:

    Thank you Lisa you are an amazing inspiration believe me.
    I look forward to hearing how you are and now await the happy day ! Aaw wishing you all God’s blessings for a happy and healthy pregnancy.


  12. jean says:

    Hello , i am also married to a crossdresser,15years. i dont have a problem with it. I would just like to talk to other wives . Thank you


  13. CD wife says:

    Hello Jean as a wife who is ok with Crossdressing what are you looking to talk about on this site ? We on here do have a problem with it.


  14. jean says:

    Sorry i offended you cd wife. I hope everything works out for everyone. Sorry


  15. thorin25 says:

    Jean, I’m the author of this blog. As was stated, we here see a great danger in crossdressing addiction and most of us view it as sinful as well. But do you have any questions we could answer for you?


  16. CD wife says:

    Hello Jean. You have certainly not offended me. I did ask what you would like to talk about. If you are looking for wives like yourself i’m afraid i don’t know where to recommend i don’t wish to visit such sites. This is the only place i come to.
    Thorin is one of the most amazing people on this earth and he has invited you to ask any questions you may have.So i hope we can be of help in any way we can.


  17. Nosillasite says:

    Hi Jean! My husband isn’t active but he is a crossdresser by desire I suppose since we haven’t had sex in 12 years.. I’m married to my best friend but we have no sex.. Been through the counseling.. thought it was me and the weight gain, but he doesn’t find that an issue.. At this point I wouldn’t care if he had a dress on, some days I just want to get laid.. which is a warped view of it, I know.. my email address is Nosilladrab49@gmail.com if you would like to talk more one on one personally.. I understand how you may not have a problem with it because I’m immune at this point however I don’t have a sex life.. except by myself..
    What is your secret? Nosilla


  18. thorin25 says:

    Nosilla, the counselor did not see the lack of sex and the crossdressing as problems?


  19. Nosillasite says:

    Yes they all do, but I’ve come to the conclusion that this will never happen again.. He doesn’t seem to be moving forward except with extra work and honestly we are so busy with our kids right now.. We are getting older and there are other things to worry about I guess.. he does apply some taps on the shoulder, kisses me and we hug daily, but nothing beyond that.. For better for worse, For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health.. I’ve never clung onto Jesus more in my life than I do daily..


  20. thorin25 says:

    I’m so sorry, I will pray for you both right now. I am sorry that I can’t remember your whole story, I get some of your stories confused on here. I was wondering if he was ever willing to read some of my posts?


  21. thorin25 says:

    Nosilla, keep reminding yourself daily how much God loves you and what a great hope we have with him, even if in this life there is great suffering. Psalm 23, Psalm 139

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  22. Nosillasite says:

    Thanks so much Thorin.. My whole life was always kind of like that so I’ll survive… lol People have it a lot worse!!


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